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Project 52 Week 23: “Movement”

Welcome to week 23 of our Pet Photography Project’s Blog Circle.  This week’s topic is “Movement”!

There are 2 primary techniques for capturing motion in a subject:

  1.  A blurred subject with the background in focus
  2. A blurred background with the subject in focus

I tried both, but decided to go with sharing the first.

When the weather is nice, my husband sets up a “make shift” agility course for Kota in the backyard.  As you can see in this image, it consists of some Home Depot buckets with PVC piping across.  We also use cinder blocks stacked at different heights for a variety of height sizes.  Kota has  a blast!

The following image implies motion with Kota being blurred.  The shutter speed was 1/40 and I held the camera still.  I was hoping to add an image to show “panning”, which involves moving the camera with your image,  but they were all “throwaways” 🙂

Motion Kota Jumping 1 of 1


I admit to trying a variety of settings.  I’m so  used to “freezing” motion, rather than “implying” it!  Ideally I’d much rather “blur” the chain link fence in the back, but I wasn’t too happy with those images.  This definitely gives me something to practice and learn to master!

Thanks for stopping by!  Next up see what Elaine with I Got the Shot Photography, serving Northeastern PA and surrounding areas is capturing for movement!  Have a great weekend!

10 thoughts on “Project 52 Week 23: “Movement””

    1. Thanks, Kim! One of my photography classes we did “motion” …. I took hundreds of panning shots…. didn’t love any 🙁 I love to see when others can master it, though!!!

  1. I think as photographers we all are more used to stopping the motion. I like the blurred concept and will be practicing more motion photography with it. Of course, we always have video. LOL!

    1. I don’t do much with “blur” but it was fun! Definitely more practice for me! Yes, there is always video – haha!

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