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Project 52 Week 25: “Soft”

Welcome to Week 52 of our Pet Photography Project Blog Circle!  This week’s topic is “Soft”.

My first thought in tackling this week’s blog topic was to work on editing some photos to a “softer” style.   That would involve lightening the colors and reducing both the contrast and clarity in some images.

I changed my mind on Sunday evening.  I had just finished doing a load of towels in the laundry.  I brought the towels upstairs and tossed the pile onto our bed.  Out  of nowhere Kota hurled herself onto the fluffy pile.  Ah, yes, Kota LOVES doing laundry!  And towels are her favorite!  Hence my new idea for “soft” 🙂

As she was rolling around on clean towels – haha – i grabbed my light setup from the other room since it was the evening and I didn’t have any natural light.  I grabbed my camera with the 24-70 mm lens and here are a few of the images:


Kota Blog Soft 1 of 1
I’m helping with laundry!


The next two images I decided to “soften” the look by moving both “contrast” and “clarity” sliders to the left in lightroom.


Kota Blog Soft 2 1 of 1
Ahhh, the smell of fresh towels!


Kota Blog Soft Hiding 1 of 1
You can’t find me!


Thanks for stopping by!  Next up in our Blog Circle is Cynthia Wood with Pets We Love Photography serving Collingwood and Toronto.  Click on the link at the end of each post to see a wonderful variety or work from some amazing Pet Photographer’s around the world!  Enjoy your weekend!!!


20 thoughts on “Project 52 Week 25: “Soft””

  1. I’m laughing so hard at that last image! She’s totally smiling–and probably because she knows your “clean” towels are now likely covered in dog hair (if she sheds anything like mine)! At our house, clean laundry plus hairy woof boy = a second load of laundry!

    1. I just can’t keep anything clean! From vacuuming the floors, to “clean” laundry! I give up with the “shed”!!! Haha!

    1. Aw so sweet…I think it’s adorable when Kota will stick her head right in the dryer in the clothes…. never crossed my mind to ever re-wash a thing, either!!! haha!

  2. Great creativity – I would never have thought of towels as soft until you mentioned it. Now, the issue I would have is that I might feel very obligated to start the wash over because my dogs shed a good bit. The first image is my favorite of the group.

    1. I can’t even keep up with the shedding! I feel like the moment any clothes come out of the dryer, they are covered in fur! She’s mostly Siberian Husky…. and the amount of shed proves it! I give up! 🙂

  3. You have make sure the blinds are down when get out of the shower Kota luv s to rip the wet towel off you and role around on it. Easy way to get a quick bath, since she dislikes the tub…

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