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Project 52 Week 28: Head Tilt

Welcome to  week 28 of our Pet Photography Blog Circle!  This week ‘s topic is definitely a FUN one!  It’s “Head Tilt”!

Getting that perfect “tilt” of the head is on my high priority shot list for photo sessions!  The ears are perky and the focus is on the camera.  It’s challenging for some dogs, especially those that are a bit “fearful”.  And even more challenging with dogs who want nothing to do with the camera 🙂

I will start off by sharing my “bag of tricks” for photo sessions.  If not wearing cargo pants with tons of pockets to put noisemakers and treats, I wear my Pant the Town Apron with big pockets!  It’s perfect for all my props!  The apron is from Lands End Business.  Noise makers are KEY to getting that perfect head tilt.  The ones in the image  below I ALWAYS have with me!  The Looky Looky has 5 different sounds attached, included a kazoo, squeaker, and train whistle.  It’s perfect to wear around the neck and don’t need the free hand!  I usually have a few small squeakers each with a unique sound.  My little “Pound Puppy” that squeaks is a favorite!  (Who remembers “pound puppies” as a kid?! )  The “duck caller” works well, but my ultimate sound for the perfect head tilt is the “predator in distress” caller!  That gets it every time!


How to get a perfect head tilt
Props for the perfect “Head Tilt”

I’ve had a fun week with photo sessions!  Perfect time to share a few of my on location “head tilts”!

First up is adorable pug, Darla.  We met bright and early at Lake Quannapowitt in Wakefield, MA.  She loves people, other dogs, and the many smells of the outdoors  – much more motivating than the things I had!  But given the right moment, I captured that tilt!


Pug Head Tilt


Next up are sweet sisters Bella and Angel.  We hiked an early Monday morning at Maudslay State Park in Newburyport, MA with their mom.  It was a great day!  Bella LOVED the camera.  Every time I pointed it her way, she would “strike a pose” 🙂  Her sister, Angel, more of a challenge!  She did not love the camera pointing in any direction her way!

First up is Bella in a tree!

Dog Photo Maudslay State Park
Bella posing in a tree


Next up is Angel!  This was toward the end of the session.  We went to take the dogs for a swim, but unfortunately, the beach was washed away from some storms.  While we were on the rocks, I went in for the “predator” caller – SCORE!  I finally got some perky ears  with a slight head tilt from Angel!!!


Head Tilts Pet Photography
Angel perks up!!!


Thanks for stopping by!  Next up in our blog circle is  Cahlean with About A Dog Photography in St. Cloud, St. Paul & Minneapolis MN.  Click on the link at the end of each post and enjoy seeing some adorable head tilts from pooches around the world!  Have a wonderful weekend!



16 thoughts on “Project 52 Week 28: Head Tilt”

  1. Love the name Darla. Makes me think of the Little Rascals. I think I might need to invest in a apron of some sort. Too many noise makers. 😉 Great images!

    1. Exactly! Brings back memories of the Lil Rascals!!! 🙂 Thank you! Apron works well – i tend to leave them everywhere if I don’t have somewhere quick and easy to place them.

  2. What beautiful photos of these pups and their great head tilts! Thanks for the apron and the necklace details. I might try to put something together that’s similar as they don’t ship over here. Would be great to free up my hands a bit more🙂

    1. Thanks, Lynda! I think you can definitely make one by attaching the noise makers to a lanyard – love having the easy access from around the neck!

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