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Project 52 Week 3: Fill the Frame

I received a phone call this past Sunday late in the day: “Hi.  I’m interested in doing a pet photography session for my 18 year old dog”.  I heard the sadness in her voice.  We spoke a bit about how “Mickey” was doing.  He’s good – he has a few months”.  I mentioned that these types of sessions are a priority and I do my best to accommodate a close date.  We scheduled for early Saturday morning – 6 days away.

Late Sunday evening I had one of those “gut feelings”.  I emailed the mom of the elderly dog and said, “We can do the session tomorrow if you’d like”.

I got the call on Monday at 11:30 AM.  “He’s not doing OK.  Can you still come later today?”  There was sadness and breaking in her voice.  I said I will leave my house in 15 minutes.  The drive was about 45 minutes and when I arrived, the family had gathered together to celebrate the life of this amazing dog.  There was so much love in that house!  It was bitter cold outside, but mom put Mickey’s sweater on and we were able to get a few outdoor pics to start.  He was picking his head up and taking treats!   It was wonderful!  We moved indoors and got pictures with each of the family members.  We also made sure we captured the little guy in his bed, one of his favorite resting spots.

Our pets are our family.  They mean the world to us.  It’s extremely emotional doing these types of sessions, but also so very rewarding!  I cry.  I cry with the family.  But to see that love and that bond between people and their pets warms my heart and makes it so very rewarding.

I thought this week I’d share some “Fill the Frame” images to celebrate beautiful Mickey!  “Filling the Frame” is all about “getting in close” to your subject and removing all the distracting elements from the background.  One can either zoom in or crop close.  When seeing these images of Mickey, everything I’m looking to express is right there.  Here are a few of my favorites:


Fill the Frame


Fill the Frame


People and Pets


This is why I do what I do.  Click here to learn more!

Thank you for stopping by our 52 Week Pet Photography Project Blog Circle.  Please follow along and see some amazing images from a wonderful group of professional pet photographer’s around the world!  Next up in our circle is Blue Amrich with Beyond the Fence in Boston, MA.  Have a great weekend!



28 thoughts on “Project 52 Week 3: Fill the Frame”

  1. You did a wonderful job – I started crying just after I started reading your text. Now little Rue (one of my foster puppies) came to me and is sitting in my lap – Abby by my side – I guess the sense my sadness. Thank you for sharing! I’ve not had to do one of these, but I need to as this is what it’s all about.

    1. Thank you, Linda. I cried on the ride home and it’s taken me a while to edit the images – i keep taking breaks. Give Rue and Abby big hugs! Pets are so calming – they know when we are sad.

  2. As hard as these sessions can be, I love being able to share them with my pet parents. You have given a beautiful gift that will never be replicated or forgotten; how lucky we are to do what we do! These images are so heartbreaking yet beautiful, bittersweet.

  3. It’s extremely sad to go through this, but it’s wonderful for the family to have these photos for memories. Went through this also.

  4. Darlene, your post was so touching in so many ways. You have provided them with beautiful keepsakes they will certainly cherish forever.

  5. Oh Darlene, I cry too, a lot. They deserve the tears after giving so much joy. These are wonderful images. One day I hope they will be of comfort to them.

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