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Project 52 Week 3: “Negative Space”

Thanks for joining our 52 Week Pet Photography Blog Circle as we head into Week 3: Negative Space.  What is negative space?  It’s simply the “space that is around the main subject of an image”.  The importance of it is how we use that space to strengthen the composition of an image or how it might bring a sense of balance to an image.  As photographer’s we tend to focus on the main subject, but it’s just as important to focus on how we will use the space around the image to draw the viewer’s attention in.

I had some fun with this week’s topic since I was cat sitting and I rarely get to photograph cats!  Meet “Mojo”.  His family took a trip down to SC and his mom ran the Charleston Marathon – she did great, by the way!  Little did Mojo know he was going to be “modeling” for me 🙂  I took things easy on him and he was a rockstar!

Each morning when I arrived to see Mojo, he met me at the door.  I’d go into the kitchen and open up the window above the sink.  As I got his gourmet breakfast together, he’d sit in the window and enjoy the brisk, fresh air!  I love the oranges and bright colors of this kitchen and the pop of color/contrast it adds as the negative space.


Cat Photography
Cat in Window


Mojo is an indoor/outdoor cat.  I admit, it makes me nervous considering the amount of Fisher cats and coyotes that are spotted in our area.  The several days I was there he came right back inside when I was about to leave.  The next image I took in front of the shingled garage and used this as the negative space.  The garage and the cat are similar in color and I do like the way the sun picked up on lighting his white chest.

Negative Space Photography
Mojo Outdoors


My next photo I wish I had more negative space because of the bright colors in the rooms!  I had limited space since I only brought my 135 mm lens with me.  I took this next one at f2 and love the way the oranges of the kitchen contrasted with the bright blues of the living room.


Negative Space
Mojo on colors


Thank you for stopping by!  Next up on our blog circle is Rochelle with Dark Sapphire Photography serving Nelson, New Zealand – follow the links to see a variety of images by a group of amazing pet photographers!  Have a wonderful weekend!

16 thoughts on “Project 52 Week 3: “Negative Space””

  1. Now this is a cat with great knowledge. You can just tell by that face! Loved all the images, but the second one is my favorite. I had a hard time deciding between that and the two color (third) image. Such a great cat!

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