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Project 52 Week 31: Negative Space

Welcome to week 31 of our Professional Pet Photographer’s blog circle and this week’s topic is:  Negative Space

What is negative space?  It is the portion of an image that is not the main subject.  Much of the way I photograph is with a “shallow depth of field” meaning the background is “blurred”.  The “negative space” in my images is going to be the “blurred” background that brings attention to the subject.   According to photographer David Duchemin in his book, The Visual Toolbox, “this space isn’t necessarily “empty” – it can be textured or colored, or contain details, but not so many that they distract and become subjects on their own.”

I’ve missed blogging the last few week due to being  busy with  a few photo sessions.  For this post I am going to give you an example of negative space from 3 recent sessions.

First up is sweet Basset Hound, Molly, from our photo session at Zorvino Vineyards in Sandown, NH.  This is going to be a new favorite location for me!  The vineyard is host to a lot of weddings and I was so excited that they would be permit me to do an early morning dog photo session on a Wednesday!  “Of course!  Please just tag us on social media if you share an image”.  The lighting was gorgeous and the grounds were amazing!  This image was taken in the Vineyard near a small pond.  This is using a 135 mm lens at f/2.  With Molly looking upward, the space above her head makes us wonder if she sees something… or better yet, smells something with her little hound nose!


Zorvino Vineyards Sandown NH
Molly the Basset – Zorvino Vineyards


Next up is beautiful mixed breed, Hannah!  I know Hannah’s mom and dad very well as they are the owner’s of Ruff n’ Tumble Dog Playcare in North Andover, MA.  I run the dog training program for our MSCPA at their location and teach classes their 2 nights a week.  I was so excited they were interested in doing a photo session!  This was in Hannah’s backyard which was perfect!  She loves having her space and she could run free and be her adorable self!  This next image is again taken with my 135 mm  at f/2 and the beautiful golden light and flowers (bokeh!) make up the colorful negative space.


Hannah enjoying her backyard



Next up is sassy, adorable rescued chihuahua, Keeva!  This little nugget knows how to model 🙂  I met up with her and mom and dad on an early Saturday morning at Kenoza Lake in Haverhill, MA.  This is a great location as  there is both a lake and a castle within hiking trails galore. It was hot and humid, but we started very early and were lucky to have space to ourselves!  Here I used Keeva standing on the tree trunk and looking out into the bits of blue of the lake (that tail!!!).  The negative space with Keeva facing the water makes us wonder what she sees!  This was also taken with my 135 mm lens at f/2.  Hmm… I see a trend!  I confess, it’s my favorite lens!


Kenoza Lake
Keeva looking out on Kenoza Lake


Thank you so much for stopping by to check out my blog!  Next up in our circle is The Pawparazzi Pet and Animal Photography presented by Shae Pepper Photography .  Click on the link and follow around our circle to see some amazing images taken by pet photographers around the world!  Enjoy your weekend!



10 thoughts on “Project 52 Week 31: Negative Space”

  1. Great explanation of negative space. All photos show excellent examples of negative space and are beautifully done. Love that 135mm.

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