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Project 52-Week 31: “Silhouettes”

Silhouettes.  They make stunning photos!  As I confessed in my last post: I am NOT  a morning person.  I rarely see a sunrise on the East Coast.  Yes, I have beaches within a 20 minute drive from me – stunning beaches!  The sun rises over my beaches, making for amazing photos!  Unfortunately, I’m still sound asleep. For the purpose of beach silhouettes, I guess I’d better consider moving out west to take on the gorgeous sunsets!  I’d NEVER have to consider being an “early bird”.

This weeks assignment is taken from Duchemin’s chapter in his book The Visual Toolbox on “Silhouette’s”.  One thing he mentions is: “When a scene isn’t working for us, we should try to expose for the sky, letting the rest of the frame go to shape and form.”  I’ve come across many scenes that “just weren’t working”.  This is a great concept to add for a variety of photos!

This week was a struggle.  I almost took a “pass”.  I was determined to get “something”.  I stayed close to home amongst the forest of trees for this assignment!  I promise in the future I will set the alarm and head out in the AM to get some radiant colors … maybe when the clocks change and the days are shorter!

How should I attack this assignment?  Hmmm… my dog looks a bit like a “wolf dog” (kidding!).  It is the husky in her.  I do love her profile.  I’ve never photographed her as a “silhouette” so this was a first.  I put her at the top of the stairs to our deck and I went to the bottom.  I shot up at a steep angle and exposed for the clear sky.  And this is what arrived!

Kota Silhouette Steps (1 of 1)
Profile Silhouette
Kota Silhouette Kiss Pete (1 of 1)
The Kiss
Kota Silhouette Treats (1 of 1)

I tackled these photos around 6:00 pm on a clear sky evening. I used my 100mm lens which seemed to be the perfect distance from the bottom of the steps.  I decided that the tree leaves added a little bit of “something” (not sure what)  to the photos, which I liked!  I had fun with this assignment and look forward to working with this some more!

Thank you for visiting!  For more beautiful photos on this weeks topic “Silhouette’s” continue following our  52 Week Pet Photography Blog Circle.  Next up  check out “dog walker turned pet photographer” (sound familiar?!) Kim Hollis with BARKography based in Charlotte, NC to see her take on Silhouette’s!  Enjoy!


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