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Project 52 Week 32: “Happy”

Welcome to Week 32 of our Professional Pet Photography Blog Circle!  This week’s topic is our interpretation of “happy”.

What makes a dog happy? This was my first thought.  Retrievers LOVE water and that makes them happy!  Hounds LOVE to sniff.  This week’s  model starts with Kota, my northern mixed breed.  What does she love to do?  Pull in the SNOW!  She also loves to go on trail hikes and she also enjoys doing “scent work” – those are the things that make her happy!  Unfortunately we don’t have snow and i can’t handle the trails with the influx of green heads – yes, they have made their way inland, I swear!  I keep getting attacked by swarms of them!

Sunday we finally had a drop in temperature by a few degrees.  Kota does love to run in the back yard!  She doesn’t “fetch” but she knows the cue “sprint” and she bolts around our fenced in backyard.  I decided to take some shots of her running since her expression is one of pure joy during these “zoomies”.

The following images were taken with my Canon 135 mm lens.  I find that out of my lens options, it does focus the fastest and does seem to have the best amount of “keepers” within my action photos. Someday I’d love to add the 70-200 mm lens to my bag… but then again, the 200 mm is on my list!


Kota Happy Blog 1 of 1 1


Kota Happy Blog 2 1 of 1


Wednesdays I teach 2 dog training classes at our local MSPCA.  I go in early on these days and photograph the adoptable dogs for Petfinder.  This Wednesday my list was on the longer side with 11 dogs.  We’ve had quite a few “seniors” lately and they definitely have been tugging at my heartstrings!  This week I met sweet “Sandy“.  She’s a 10 year old chihuahua mix and here she is all smiles!  Deep down I believe she is grateful to be safe in a shelter and hopeful that she will be going home soon!  Isn’t she adorable?


Adoptable Dog MSPCA Nevin's Farm
Sweet Senior


Thank  you for stopping by our Blog Circle!  Next up check out Elaine with I Got the Shot Photography, serving Northeastern PA and surrounding areas to see how she interprets this week’s theme!  Click on the link at the end of each post to bring you around our circle and to see some amazing work from Professional Pet Photographer’s around the world!  Have a great weekend!!!


20 thoughts on “Project 52 Week 32: “Happy””

  1. The images of Kota are wonderful! You have captured her expression of pure joy perfectly. And the bokeh is on point!
    Sandy’s sweet smile says it all! I really wanted to participate this week but family stuff distracted me and I missed the deadline 🙁

    1. Thank you so much, Linda! I appreciate it! We missed you this week and look forward to having you back! Hope all is ok!!!

    1. Thanks, Elaine! The 135 mm is my favorite… I sometimes forget to take it off the camera! 🙂 And Sandy is going HOME! Yay!!!

  2. The photos of Kota are assume – bright, sharp, I love them!!! While I know the lens and camera choice help to make great photos – it’s also about the photographer behind the camera. Nice work! The one of little Jessica is sweet too. Any tips you can give me to try and capture photos like those of my rescue dogs? I typically seek out shade, but I think you have some backlighting here?

    1. Thank you so much, Linda! I appreciate it! Our shelter surroundings are not that lovely so i’m always searching. I usually do photos from 4-5:30 pm when I am there. I found a little area on a hill with trees and white flowers (actually weeds – haha!) and the sun comes through – good eye for backlighting! I started using my 24-70 more and I shoot at f/2.8 I try my best to lie down on my stomach 🙂 These are in the shade, but with that sunlight peeking through the branches. It’s usually so bright when I am there!!!

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