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Project 52 Week 37: “Night”

Welcome to week 37 of our 52 Week Professional Pet Photography Blog Circle.  This week’s topic is “night”.

I wasn’t quite sure how to tackle this week.  If I owned a battery pack for my Alien Bee 800 lighting, I probably would have headed outdoors at night!

I decided to play with some studio set-up images and add a bit of a “night” theme.  The following images that I used with the overlays are from a previous post: “Low Key“.  I thought the first one would fit perfectly since Kota had her eyes closed and it looked like she was either sleeping  or daydreaming.  The first image I applied the overlay in photoshop and used “soft light”.  I ended up liking this effect, rather than doing some “erasing” of the overlay over Kota.


Blog Night Photography 1 of 1


In the second image, I added a moon overlay for a night time “look”.  The image i used was in black and white, but I kept the overlay with a slight yellow tint.


Night Overlays


Thanks for stopping by our Professional Pet Photography Blog Circle!  Next up is Susannah with Pet Love Photography, serving Greater Cincinnati and the San Francisco Bay Area.  She also has an amazing book recently published: Rescue Dogs: Portraits and Stories.  Check it out!  Have a wonderful weekend!!!

14 thoughts on “Project 52 Week 37: “Night””

  1. Looks like you and I were on the same wavelength this week. 🙂 The first image has an ethereal feel. Love the moon choice in the second image. Practicing night shots with my off camera flash is on my list, if only it would stop raining here! Nicely done!

    1. Thanks, Elaine! Did you have rain all week? I’m just over the heat we are having for Sept! This was a fun topic once I figured out what to do 🙂 I haven’t done too much with “overlays” but enjoyed finding some for “night”!

    1. Thank you so much, Rochelle! I couldn’t decided whether to got with the B&W… but I liked the yellow tint with just the moon – appreciate it!

  2. Wow… these are so awesome. I just mentioned on Elaine’s blog that I needed to come and sit with her so she could show me how to do this type of editing. I need to come and see you too. 🙂 Love it!

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