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Project 52 Week 40: “Orange”

Welcome to Week 40 of our Professional Pet Photography Blog Circle!  October is my favorite month of the year!  I love autumn, the cool nights, hoody weather, Halloween, pumpkin spice… .and pumpkin everything!  I was excited for this week’s topic of “Orange”  – my favorite fall color!

As I write this post, it’s 80 degrees.  I don’t see any orange leaves.  Everything is green, dappled with a little yellow.  This is October in New England?!  Is it time to move further north?  We searched for “orange” .. .along with “autumn”.  My husband and I hiked with Kota in our area this past weekend.  No luck.  Autumn seems to be a bit “delayed”.  🙂

My post this week is more of:  Where’s Orange?

My first image was taken in the back yard facing the ground.  Leaves have fallen… but as you can see, they are mostly yellows.  Where’s the orange?  Kota’s eyes along with her Halloween bandana from Oliver and Me Shop – her favorite shop for bandanas!  Check out their instagram feed and you may see Kota now and again modeling one of their fun, whimsy bandanas!


autumn leaves


Here is the backyard view.  Not many orange leaves on the ground.  See the tree in the background that looks colorful?  It’s actually a pine tree with dead needles!  Not even leaves!


Halloween Dog Bandana


This week I also photographed some dog play at Ruff and Tumble Dog Playcare in North Andover, MA.  It was my second session of “Back to School”  photos for the dogs in the play yard.  I thought that lovely Summer’s (how ironic…..not “Autumn’s”) coloring fit perfect into this week’s topic!  Doesn’t she have beautiful, sparkling eyes?


Day Care Dog Orange


Thank you for stopping by our blog circle this week!  Click on the link at the end of each post to see some images by amazing professional pet photographer’s around the world!  Next up is the wonderful Kim with BARKography in the Plaza Midwood neighborhood in Charlotte NC!  Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful October weekend!!!

10 thoughts on “Project 52 Week 40: “Orange””

  1. I am as surprised as you that you have such green considering how far north you are! Hopefully soon the colors will settle on the trees for you!

    Kota’s bandannas are always the cutest. I started following the company’s IG at your suggestion from past posts and see a certain doggy model on it often.

    1. I know – i can’t believe how long fall is taking!!! I sure hope we don’t get “by-passed” this year – haha! We love our “oliver and me” bandanas – our favorite company! Thanks!

  2. That spooky-ooky bandana is great! And those pine needles are the first to go, so orange is on its way to you. Love the photos!

  3. Great detailed pictures! Yes, unfortunately minimal colors on the trees rt now.. Soon for short time, then hopefully snow to bring them down : )

  4. Summer has stunning eyes! We have a lot of green here in Nelson too, Im always super excited for spring and autumn when we get some other colour to experiment with

    1. Thanks, Rochelle! Summer is a pretty girl and she right in with the topic 🙂 I love the colors of autumn… hoping we will get it soon!

  5. Great shots. Kota’s bandana, Summers color & eyes show good detail of the color orange. Excellent job of working with what is available.

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