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Project 52 Week 41: “Juxtaposition”

I wish I had longer than a week to complete this assignment!  Are you thinking, “Juxtaposition and PET Photography” combined?  Yes, let’s have some fun!  Lesson 44 in photographer David Duchemin’s book, “The Visual Toolbox”,  is called Juxtaposition: Find Conceptual Contrasts.  He defines juxtaposition as “the long word for putting-together of elements that contrast with one another conceptually”.  An inspiring photographer, Elliott Erwin, does a wonderful job portraying this concept.  Google him if you haven’t seen his work – you will be amazed!

When looking for juxtaposition in photographs, determine where there is contrast.  Some examples Duchemin gives are:  an old man holding a young child or a full boat next to an empty one.  Not all photographs will contain a contrasting element, but pay close attention to finding them – they help tell a story.

For this assignment we were asked to look at images and find the contrasting ideas and determine where the humor or wit comes from, then create our own.  Ideally I would have loved to have photographed a Great Dane with a Chihuahua or even a dog and cat together.  But that was not an accessible set up for me.  Kota took the challenge to model for me again this week.  As you look at the images I have created, what are the contrasting ideas?  Could I make them stronger?  (I know I could add more props!)

husky mix wine
“Pour the wine already!”


Ready for Riesling


coaching people to train their dogs
It’s definitely the PEOPLE


dog training
It’s exhausting!


Thank you for stopping by!   Next up on our 52 Week Pet Photography Blog Circle is BARKography by Kim Hollis based in Charlotte NC.  Enjoy!!!



4 thoughts on “Project 52 Week 41: “Juxtaposition””

  1. Bigger dog, little dog was also in my head, but no time to find the right subjects. I have a friend who actually has a dane and a chi, but that would have meant PLANNING! LOL. Your images definitely made me smile. Love the Ready For Riesling! My favorite!

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