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Project 52 Week 43: “Spooky”


“Spooky, Frightening” …. this week’s topic for Halloween week!  Ideally I would have loved to photograph the Fisher cat lurking through the woods behind my house.  If you have never seen one of those, it defines SCARY for sure!  I remember the first time I saw her…. long, lanky, creeping way up in tree branches .  It was nighttime and I had no idea what animal so large could be crawling from branch to branch way up in a tree.  I admit,  I googled it when I got home. Now that you all want to see a pic, no I didn’t get one!  Probably a good thing – distance from that animal is best!  Haha!

I decided to change up my take on this week’s topic.  No dressing of dogs in scary costumes.  I am going to introduce you to a beautiful girl I met up with this past week that I  had the pleasure of photographing!  Her name is Anya.  And guess what?  Anya is a little bit “fearful” of people.  She finds them a bit “spooky” and “scary”.  She likes her space and she likes to decide whether or not she is comfortable meeting them.  Good for you, Anya!  I feel the same way!

After going through the photo shoot I noticed many photos where “distractions” existed.  If I were to post one of the following few pics in a Photography Facebook Group I guarantee some of the comments would be, “Remove that strand of grass.  It’s distracting”,  “The leaves are distracting.  I’d photoshop that out”.  Do you know what?  I find these little pieces to be a part of Anya!  They show her bit of confidence working it’s way out into the open.  They are her personality.  She likes to take her time to get to know people.  Yes, it IS a scary world we live in!  Nothing wrong with needing a little bit of space.

I hope you enjoy my “Where’s Anya?” photos this week.  This beautiful girl shines – even behind a blade of grass!  Sometimes it’s important to leave a picture just as it is.  We get caught up in removing things and changing things  yet these elements  may tell a story and tell us a bit more about the dog we are photographing!  And her smile just shows how much more comfortable she becomes when she gets to know someone 🙂


Hiding behind the leaves


Maudslay Park
Where’s Anya?!


Maudslay Hike
You can’t see me!


The last one is one of my favorites of that day.  That moment you get home, upload the pics, and you can’t believe there is a lone leaf floating right above the dog’s head!  You could not have planned that!  Not quite hiding behind this leaf!!!


Maudslay Park
I”m about to hide behind this leaf! (happy girl!)


Thanks for stopping by the 52 Week Pet Photography Challenge Blog Circle!  Next up on our “Frightening” week’s topic is Kim with BARKography based in Charlotte NC.  Click on the link at the end of each post to enjoy a great group of Pet Photographer’s Blogs!




4 thoughts on “Project 52 Week 43: “Spooky””

  1. Ahhhh sweet girl. The bokeh in that last image is nice and I think you are spot on, the leaves and grass in the photos that she is hiding behind give her comfort. Leave them be! 🙂

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