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Project 52 Week 46: “Water”

Welcome to week 46 of our professional pet photography blog circle.  This week’s topic is “Water”.  I’m not on the beach by the ocean or next to a lake this week.  I did have a photo session with four lovely dogs (2 Leonbergers and 2 German Shepherds)  and their mom and dad at Whiffle Tree Candle Company in Billerica, MA.  The wonderful owners granted us permission to  use their lovely grounds before they opened this past Saturday morning.  We met around 7:00 AM and braved the bitter  cold temperature of 18 degrees.  The area was lovely and their was a small  water feature that I will refer to as a “pond”.   With  the golden light of the morning and my love for shooting wide open, this water mixed with the sunlight made for a beautiful watercolor backdrop for some images!  Water and light can bring stunning colors to life!

The following images were taken with my Canon 135mm 2.0L .  Meet beautiful Leonberger, Xahria.  All four dogs had custom collars made by a wonderful local collar shop, “My Lady Chloe“.  They were gorgeous autumn colors, each personalized with their names .



Next meet lovely black Shepherd, Zara.  Again you will notice the light and the reflection of the water bringing out the soft tones.


Zara Watercolors 1 of 1



And next is a lovely image of mom and Zara.  There was a nice little bench in front of the pond.  Here you can see the water just a little better.


Black GSD

And here is the stunning family with their gorgeous pups, Xahria, Groot,  Zeus and Zara with the reflections of the branches on the water as their backdrop.  Smile, Xahria!!!  It was fun and challenging posing four large dogs!!!


Family6 1 of 1


Thank you for stopping by this week’s blog circle!  Next up is Linda from VP Shoots Photography, serving the Tampa Bay area, Florida .  Click on the link at the end of each post and check out some amazing work from professional pet photographer’s around the world!  Have a great weekend!

14 thoughts on “Project 52 Week 46: “Water””

  1. These dogs are amazing. I’ll bet you loved photographing them even in the bitter cold. BTW – I have the same exact gloves as the dog mom is wearing. I bought them in Banff and I wear them when I’m shooting in the cold. I had them on this week. 🙂

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