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Project 52 Week 47: Bird’s Eye View

Welcome to week 47 of our Professional Pet Photography Blog Circle.  This week’s topic is: Bird’s Eye View.

A day or so before the Blog topic came out, I messaged the owner of “Lady Chloe’s Custom Collars”.  I met wonderful Chrystal at Ruff and Tumble Day Care’s grand opening this past January.  She does an amazing job making gorgeous dog collars with unique and fun fabrics.  I decided Kota was in need (of course!) of a “winter” themed collar.  I was looking for something not “Christmasy” and asked  Chrystal what she might have for some fabrics. Her response:  “I have a beautiful, elegant, winter blue fabric with tiny cardinals and blue jays sitting on snow covered birch branches! I’ve saved it for something special as there’s very little of it”.  I thought, sounds PERFECT for Kota!

Cardinals are my favorite bird.  They bring back childhood memories with my grandpa.  He built lovely birdhouses and we loved to sit in his backyard and watch the birds.  “Red birds” being the favorite!!!

And this is where I connect “bird’s eye view”!  I picked up Kota’s gorgeous collar this past Monday and Chrystal customized it with Kota’s name in silver italics.  I thought I’d share it with you!

Please check out Chrystal’s Facebook page for My Lady Chloe’s Custom Collars.  Isn’t it perfect for Kota?!


Kota Blog Birds 2 1 of 1


Kota Blog Birds 1 of 1


Kota Blog Birds 3 1 of 1


Thank you for stopping by our Pet Photography Blog Circle!  Next up is Pet Love Photography, serving Greater Cincinnati and the San Francisco Bay Area – always beautiful images from Susannah!  Click on the link and see some amazing images from Professional Pet Photographer’s around the world!

6 thoughts on “Project 52 Week 47: Bird’s Eye View”

  1. Cardinals are my favorite bird as well! Did you know that they often appear when angels are near, symbolically? It’s funny because my family in general has such a connection with birds, so having so many in our yard all the time is a wonderful feeling, especially this time of year!

    Kota’s collar is awesome! I’d love to find something cardinal-ly for Hunter, but we just bought him a blue snowman-themed winter collar.

    1. Thanks, Jessica! Yes, I learned of that recently about the “angels”… Love it! I enjoy watching the birds. Always look up Chrystal if you’d like something custom made for Hunter and she has some gorgeous fabrics to choose from!

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