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Project 52 Week 49: “Get Closer”

I am definitely adding “macro” lens to my wish list after this week’s assignment!  Week 49 were are exploring the chapter: “Get Closer, See Differently” from David Duchemin’s Book, “The Visual Toolbox”.  In our assignment Duchemin would like us to, “Get as close as you can.  Play with angles , experiment with colors, balance and negative space.  Play with focus or ignore it completely”.  Sounds fun?  Let’s try it!

Ideally a macro lens would be used for this assignment.  This is an “extreme close-up” lens for photography.  You can make what you are photographing seem larger than what it really is.  The focused parts will be extremely detailed.  In this assignment I will be using my 100 and 135 mm prime lenses.

My main focus for this assignment is Kota’s “snow nose” also known as “winter nose”.  If you haven’t heard of this term, it’s common in white or lighter colored breeds (many huskies get it!).  Snow nose is a condition that causes the nose, or parts of it, to lighten to a pale pink color (a loss of pigment). It doesn’t require snow or even cold weather!  And it’s this time of year where I get obsessed with Kota’s nose 🙂  Perfect timing for getting in close!


KotaTongueOutTuesday 1 of 1
Catching Snow Flakes


The next photo I kept a little negative space and also kept the collar “blur” for a pop of color.


Kotawinternose1 1 of 1
Winter Nose


The next one I used her body as the negative space and you can see the little snow droplets.  Ahh to think if I had the macro lens right here!!!


Kotawinternose2 1 of 1
Snow Nose


Attempted the eyes….


KotasEyes 1 of 1
Amber Eyes


And just to mix things up since it is the holiday season, an “ear” shot in front of the Christmas tree!


KotaEarBokeh 1 of 1
Holiday Ear


Thank you for stopping by!  Continue on our Pet Photography Blog Circle and check out Kim with BARKography based in Charlotte NC and see her take on this week’s topic!  Enjoy!!!







6 thoughts on “Project 52 Week 49: “Get Closer””

  1. I wrote about my pup’s snow nose too! It’s one of my favorite things about him! From one snow nose lover to another, those shots are fun to see.

    I also really love Kota’s beautiful amber eyes! The composition is excellent, making it one of my favorites. Nicely done!

  2. I have never heard of snow nose. Does it stay that way or does it become more black again? Our yellow labs have always gotten it and I think it stayed that way… I don’t think it ever went back to black. I need to go back and look at some older photos to see if the color changed. Love love love your close up images!

    1. The nose darkens after winter is over. I’m obsessed with it …. i feel like I notice the exact moment, “Kota has her snow nose”. Occurs in light colored breeds – huskies are common. I love the pink pigmentation! Thank you!!!

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