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Project 52 Week 50: Relaxing

I’m back for Week 52 of the Professional Pet Photography Blog Circle – just in time for this week’s topic, “Relaxing”.

It’s been a busy few weeks wrapping up photo sessions before the year end, getting images edited and orders placed for the holiday season.  And now it’s time for some “relaxation”!

Guess what?  We got our first snow of the season!  And I am thrilled that it happened on a weekend where I had no plans!

Having a snow dog has made me appreciate the winter months much more.  There is no missing a dog walk during the day with Kota.  If there is 3 feet of snow I’d better put on the snowshoes – we’re going in!  This snow was 7 inches – not enough for a snow shoe but more than enough for a husky to enjoy it!  And when I say “enjoy”, I also mean “relax”.  Kota is most relaxed in the snow with temperatures below 34 degrees F.  She can simply sit on or in the snow all day.  Doesn’t this look relaxing?  Not a care in the world!  BRRRR!!!


Kota Blog Relaxed 1 of 1



Of course there was some running and jumping in the snow when I appeared!  What do you think Kota did when she went into the house?  The following image demonstrates a dog AFTER a snow day!  More relaxation!


Kota Blog Relaxed 3 1 of 1


Thank you for stopping by our blog circle!  Next up is Linda from VP Shoots Photography based in Tampa, Florida.  Click on the link at the end of each post and follow along to see how other amazing photographers portrayed “relaxing” this week!  Have a wonderful weekend!

7 thoughts on “Project 52 Week 50: Relaxing”

  1. It seems Kota’s best pictures are captured in the snow! Christmas, and dogs with stuffed animals make great photos for the season.

  2. I love how peaceful and serene she looks. She really is right at home in the snow isnt she. Snow would be Saffys worst nightmare! 😉

  3. I’m glad to see it’s not just my half-husky who sits and lays in the snow! I always wonder how he isn’t freezing, but…go figure!

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