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Project 52 Week 6: Fantasy

Welcome to Week 6 of  our Professional Pet Photographer’s Blog Circle.  The week we are tackling the topic of  “fantasy”.

One of the definitions of  “fantasy” is “the activity of imagining things,  especially things that are impossible or improbable” .

My first thought for this week’s post was wouldn’t it be fun to place my husky mix, Kota, into an image with sled dogs racing in the Iditarod?  I used to tell her I’d ship her to Alaska, but then she got over 70 lbs and the racing dogs are little!  But pulling a sled, she can do!  This composite image wasn’t going to be finished in a week… Next!

While google searching “fantasy” I came across a variety of adorable images of little girls wearing fairy wings!  How cute!  How would these look on dogs?  It wasn’t the same…. but then I thought, what about on a silhouette image for some fun?  Yes!  That’s what I will do!

I went back and pulled up a few silhouette images from a sunrise session that was done in November on the coast in Rockport, MA.  I had a nice variety to choose from.  I do so many sessions in the woods with trees and I don’t see as many silhouettes with open skies.  This is puppy Hound mix, Cardigan.  You might have seen her in another post.  She’s a lovely model!  The following images are what I came up with for “fantasy” using silhouettes.


The first image I kept color in the wings – orange of the sky and black to go along with the silhouette.




The next image I  changed the color of the fairy wings to all black like the silhouette.


Fantasy Blog 2 1 of 1


And lastly, when I think of fairy wings, I always think of pink!  So my last image I did a set of pink wings and a little different composition of Cardigan.  Isn’t that little twinkle fun?!




Thank you for stopping by!  Next up in our blog circle head on over to Jessica Wasik with Bark & Gold Photography, celebrating the joy and love between Pittsburgh pets and their people!  Have a wonderful weekend!


28 thoughts on “Project 52 Week 6: Fantasy”

  1. Beautiful, Darlene. I would have also chosen wings this week, had I participated. It is in my head to try it. Love the first image. I like the starkness of the wings against the sky!

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