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Adoptable Dog MSPCA

Raising Funds for Animal Care in MA

I can’t believe this year marks seven years that I have been doing pet photography – time flies!  And it also marks seven years that I have had a wonderful relationship with the MSPCA Nevins Farm in Methuen, MA.  In 2015 I worked with a mentor for dog training at the MSPCA, and during this timeframe, I also began photographing adoptable animals.  I taught dog training classes there until last summer, and I still do my best to find some time each month to photograph the adorable adoptables. 

Adoptable Dog MSPCA

The MSPCA at Nevins Farm is one of the largest animal care and adoption centers in New England. They care for nearly 9,000 animals each year through its programs and receives no funding from any state or federal agency. Some of their programs are Animal Care and Adoption for domestic animals, Equine and Farm Animal Adoption, the Humane Education Program (including summer camp and after school programs), Animal Behavior and Training, the Hillside Acre Pet Loss Service (includes burial and cremation services for animals), and a Community Outreach program offering a variety of resources designed to keep pets and families together, including low cost spay-neuter and affordable medical care. 

Tails of the North Shore

Over the past few years I’ve done events and projects to raise funds the MSPCA, to help the animals.  I’ve done holiday photos with a portion of sessions being donated.  Last year, I published my first book, Tails of the North Shore, and also ran my very first calendar contest that turned out to be a big success!  

Tails of the North Shore was launched the summer of 2020.  The book is part of the Tails of the World Collective and it highlights stunning locations north of Boston through the eyes of 46 canines… and 1 bunny!  I had a blast putting this together and this project raised over $2K.  The photo sessions took place from September – December of 2020.  Finding locations during a global pandemic was not easy, but I made it work!  The winter of  2021 I worked on the writing and the design of the book. I admit… the design process made my head spin!  I’d love to do another book…. but I will have to find a much easier way to design!  Have you worked with InDesign? 🙂

Tails of the North Shore Cover Model
Tails of the North Shore Cover

This past July was my book launch!  It was amazing!  It was held at the Scala Center in Georgetown, where my new design studio is located.  I had custom cookies, balloons, and local businesses donated to raffles.  We made a another $400+ to help the animals with the raffles.  Custom cookies were made by Sprinkles by Stacey and balloons by For the Party.

Book Launch Pet Photographer
Tails of the North Shore Book Launch
Tails of the North Shore Custom Cookies
Custom Cookies by Sprinkles by Stacey

Say Paws 2022

Last year I did my very first fundraising calendar contest to raise funds for the MSPCA Nevins Farm.  I had no idea what to expect.  The results exceeded any expectations I could have had as the contest raised over $13K!  It was AMAZING!  I photographed 11 dogs and 2 cats for the calendar.  Looking forward to making it a yearly thing! 

Dog Calendar Fundraiser

Tails of the World

Exciting stuff coming soon!!!  This April I will be launching Limited Edition Tails of the World sessions!  If you receive my email newsletter or read my blogs, you are the first to hear about this TODAY!  I have not announced this anywhere else just yet!  Sign up below to receive all of the details. There will be a limited number of sessions offered and images will be part of the Tails of the World book featuring pet photographers around the world raising funds for animal rescue – I can’t wait!  

Looking to help raise funds for a favorite rescue?  There are so many ways to get involved!  Set up a bake sale. Run your own calendar contest with fun pictures.  If you aren’t interested in raising funds, consider volunteering your time.  Dog walking and care for the adoptable animals at a shelter is very rewarding. Do it for the animals – they need us!

5 thoughts on “Raising Funds for Animal Care in MA”

  1. Congratulations on your new venture “Tails of the World.” It’s great that you explained what you have been doing to help rescue dogs & Nevins Farm. Rescue animals
    are the greatest as they get a second chance in life.

  2. Wow 13k! That is amazing! Also, congratulations on the Tails of the World project. I wish there was no need to do these projects and that all dogs had great homes, but since that isn’t the case, it’s so good to know that people are coming together to help.

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