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Pant the Town Photography logo inspired by rescued husky mix, Kota

Rebranding for Pant the Town Photography

I’ve always loved change.  It’s something I embrace.  After several months of “stay at home” orders, I thought it was a perfect time to re-evaluate the branding of Pant the Town.  I’m so excited to introduce the new logo and branding colors – woohoo!!!

Pant the Town started up in 2013 as a dog walking business.  I eventually added dog training, and then in 2016, pet photography.  I love my original logo.  It’s fun and whimsy and was perfect for dog walking.  In 2019 I decided to move toward photography full time.  I wanted something to fit more with my vision.

I reached out to Monica of Sniff Design.  She’s a graphic designer and her work is amazing! She does logos, color palettes, branding, websites… she does it all! She’s creative and she listens.  I filled out a questionnaire and explained what I was looking for.  She nailed it!

My dog, Kota, changed my world.  She is the one who inspired to begin my journey in working with dogs.  I left a 16 year career as a flight attendant to be home more and learn to work with her challenges.  When looking into new “logo” ideas, i wanted to include her.  My vision was a silhouette of Kota somehow incorporated into my branding.  The following image was what I had in mind.  This if from Kota’s morning at one of my favorite locations to photograph, Zorvino Vineyards.  She pranced and played and waggled!  I love everything about her in this picture – so much joy!  THIS was the picture I wanted to incorporate into my new logo ideas!  

Pant the Town Photography rebranding inspiration

Guess what?  Sniff Designs took this image and voila!  An amazing logo was designed!


Pant the Town Photography logo inspired by rescued husky mix, Kota

While working on my new branding statement, “Photography inspired by the light in every human-dog connection”,  I wanted to portray that “connection” of pets and their humans.  The little heart above her nose represents the bond, along with the way she’s looking a bit to the side.  

Now for colors!  I LOVE color!  I’ve always been drawn to pink.  To me pink feels kind, patient, welcoming, friendly, light – I wanted to keep that in my branding.  I also wanted to make sure that the seasons came into play.  Living in New England, colors are always changing.  My new colors will consist of several different pinks, a gray-green, evergreen, and a brown that I absolutely LOVE!  I will be adding these changes to the website – so excited!!!  

Thank you so much for stopping by!  I am so excited to share this with you!  We are now booking sessions this summer – I’d love to hear from you!  Click here to submit an inquiry.   


Have a great day!!!  

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