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Dad pushing a stroller with a dog on the beach in Salisbury, MA

Salisbury Beach: A Bucket List Dog Photo Shoot

Do you have a “bucket list” for your dog? That list of things that you MUST do as long as he/she is with you? Maybe it’s a visit to the beach and a romp in the ocean. Or a professional photo shoot that tells your dog’s story and captures your connection.

One Last Network ,  a place dedicated to connecting pet guardians to the services and support they may need as their best furry friends age and ultimately leave us to mourn their loss, recently did a blog post about creating a bucket list for your dog. Be sure to check it out: 10 ideas for a bucket list for your dog.

Memory Session

My Memory Sessions are dedicated to celebrating our senior pets or pets that have been diagnosed with a terminal illness. Is a photo session with your dog on YOUR bucket list?

I do recommend scheduling a photo session with your pet as soon as it crosses your mind, but sometimes we get an unexpected diagnosis and I will do my best to fit you into my schedule.


The phone rang on a Thursday morning and it was a Buffalo, NY number. I get so many spam calls that I almost didn’t answer. So glad that I did answer.

It was Clover’s mom. She was distraught and emotional. She received some terrible news the night before at the vet’s office. Was there any way we could get photos in with Clover as soon as possible?

Clover is 13 and I learned she was rescued from the MSPCA Nevins Farm at 10 years old – a senior dog… which I love to hear seniors being rescued! I also learned that I photographed her adoption photo.

Clover MSPCA Adoptable
Clover’s adoption photo

That Thursday was a dreary and drizzly day. I was able to change around my schedule and head up to Salisbury, MA, in the afternoon, to meet Clover and her mom and dad and do photos

The Beach

Clovers mom and dad lived a block away from the beach. It was chilly, drizzly and windy when we arrived there, but we still got beautiful pictures!

Clover’s dad made this pretty sign out of driftwood and seaglass to incorporate into the photos. It was a perfect addition to their family photo.

Seaglass driftwood love sign
Seaglass “Love” Sign
family photo with dog on Salisbury Beach
Clover and her family

Clover loves to be pushed in stroller on the beach. So much love for this sweetheart! Go dad!

bucket list salisbury beach ma 5
Dad pushing Clover – pure joy!
Mom with dog in stroller Salisbury Beach, MA
Mom and Clover at the beach entrance

Clover was a trooper! She even enjoyed running on the sand. We didn’t keep her outdoors too long due to the weather conditions – we let her get back to her warm and cozy home.

little white dog running on the beach
Clover running on the sand


Dogs are most comfortable in their own home. Clover’s family had a great location where we could enjoy the beach and also Clover’s living room.

Clover’s name at the the MSPCA Nevins Farm was “Princess”, and here she is in front of a “Princess” pillow. Doesn’t she have the sweetest face?

Clover and her princess pillow
Sweet Clover

I spoke with mom and they are doing their best to make Clover comfortable and enjoy each and every moment they have with her. She is living her best life and the past 3 years have been absolutely amazing for her!

Are you ready to book a session with your senior pooch? Click below to learn more:

Around the Circle

This week’s post is part of a pet photographers blog circle. Our topic is sharing a session spotlight. Next up Canberra Dog Photographer, Ina Jalil of Ina J Photography highlights a memorable session at Fetherston Gardens in Canberra. Enjoy!

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  1. What a special session; I adore the sign and the beach glass makes it so special. The image of Clover riding in her cart with her ears flapping in the wind made me grin from ear to ear.

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