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Husky running

Signs of Spring

Yellow Forsythia

April.  My least favorite month of the year.  It’s that ugly “middle” between winter and spring – there’s mud and muck and the temperature and weather can turn on a dime.  I’m actually one who hopes for snow storms in April!  As I write this, parts of NH and Vermont got snow this morning!  Here in MA, we weren’t so fortunate.  

I always hope to find some pops of color in April!  We have two trees in our yard that are my signs of spring.  Out front we have purple sand cherry blossoms, which are delayed this year. And in the backyard we have this lovely forsythia – my personal sign that spring has sprung!

Notice how ugly our backyard is.  I can still find the beauty!  I receive client inquiries that question booking photo sessions in April.  No matter what the location, yes, I am able to find something that can be used for a perfect backdrop!  Brown tones mixed with this forsythia are perfect for a photo session, even in your own yard.  

Backyard forsythia

As soon as the yellow blooms appeared, I grabbed Kota and my “always cooperative” husband, Pete, to tackle the yard.  As I look at this picture above… it is quite ugly!  Our backyard is Kota’s space.  She isn’t a big digger for a husky, but she randomly does sprints throughout the day and tears up dirt.  We don’t do much work out here – it’s all about the dog!  

Blog Signs of Spring 2
Just give me that chicken!
Spring Dog Portrait
You interupted my nap

I do need to make sure I bring some chicken outside. Kota does a lot of things “on her terms”.  I was able to get a running shot.  I put Kota in a sit-stay and called her to come to me.  We are usually good for about 3 or 4 of these before she is DONE! 

Husky running
Now we're talking!

Don’t let March or April ever scare you away from doing photos. Let’s not wait to schedule your photo session with your dog.  We have so many options from the beach, to the city, to right in your own backyard!  I promise it will be amazing no matter what month of the year!  Spring has sprung!  

This post is part of a pet photographer’s blog circle. Click on the link at the end of each post to follow along. Next up the amazing Nicole Hrustyk of Pawtraits by Nicole, created a dog-safe, desert-friendly spring planting guide.  I can’t wait to check this out for myself! Enjoy!

7 thoughts on “Signs of Spring”

  1. Kota looks lovely with that EPIC pop of color! This is a great way to show how you can turn an “ugly” space into stunning images.

  2. Kota looks great running in front of the forsythia. I so hear you about “mud season.” It is my least favorite time of year as well, especially when I have to clean 2 large horses who compete for trophies in mud rolling.

  3. It’s funny how photographers’ dogs know just how far they can push us (and how to get exactly what they want); you want me to run across the yard a few times on a warm day? Then you’d better be packing some chicken LOL. Ginger looks to see if I’ve got my treat bag on my hip, if I don’t she looks at me like “why don’t you go get some treats and let me know when you want to get serious about getting some photos LOL. I just love Kota’s smile (and Pete is WAY more willing than my husband, I can only photograph his hands w/out a fight).

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