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Black Lab in the Vineyard

Snow Day in the Vineyard

Maverick and Chance Enjoy Zorvino Vineyards

I’m wishing for more snow this winter!  So far, it’s been a bit scarce.  I’m ready for a huge snow storm and a week of snow shoe adventures.  Fingers crossed it’s on the way!  

I was able to get one snow photo session in so far this winter.  This was at the dog-friendly Zorvino Vineyard in Sandown, NH – one of my favorite places to do photo sessions!  If you are looking for the perfect dog friendly vineyard in Southern NH, this is IT!  They have a beautiful outdoor patio to enjoy the gorgeous view with a pinot grigio and your pup.

This photo session was the beginning December.  The pictures were going to be a “surprise” for their mom for Christmas.  Dad did a great job at keeping the surprise – I’m terrible at keeping surprises!  We met at 7:15 on a brisk Monday morning after snow.  When I asked dad, “How were you able to leave the house with the dog’s so early in the morning without questioning?” His response, “Since they are due for their yearly vet check-ups, I said I have an early appointment.”  I could never say that with a straight face to my husband haha!  He knows I’d never schedule an early appointment!

These two pups, Maverick and Chance, were so much fun!  It might have been a bit easier if I had an assistant, but dad did a good job wrangling the pups.  They loved the snow!  Our challenge was keeping Maverick, the Lab, away from water. (you guessed it – he jumped in the vineyard water feature within 5 minutes of arrival!). Maverick was bit cold for the rest of morning – poor pup!

Here are a few of dad’s favorite pictures from our photo session that morning: 

Black Lab in the Vineyard
Dog Friendly NH Vineyard
Winter Vineyard framed in rustic Barnwood
Rustic Round Frame

Mom was surprised and LOVED the pictures she received on Christmas Day.  Success!

Thank you for stopping by!  This week I’m blogging with and amazing group of Pet Photographers around the world! Next up, click on the link to BARKography by Kim Hollis based in Charlotte NC and check out Kim’s interpretation of this week’s topic of “white”

Have a great weekend!!!  Interested in booking a Winter/”Wish-for-Snow Session”, message me:

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  1. Great shots. I never knew you could get up at 7:15 in the morning on a cold brisk day. Love the photos in the frames. He made a great choice.

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