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Engagement photos with dog

Summer Fun at Sunrise

Sunrise in the summer is EARLY!!!  If you’ve read any of my blog posts before, you might have learned that I”m not necessarily a morning person.  BUT… when it comes to a sunrise on the beach with an adorable puppy, it’s definitely worth waking up for!  My choice of beverage for a caffeine boost is Peet’s medium roast Brazil coffee – perfect start to the day!  

My alarm buzzed on my Fitbit at 3:30 AM, and if you  have a Fitbit, you know that it likes to give you a little “inspirational” message.  Mine this early morning was “Look alive”!!!  I brewed my coffee and hit the road at 4:00 to head up to Rye, NH, which is about 45 minute drive north.  

Sunrise on this day was at 5:29, and I like to meet clients 30 minutes prior to sunrise.  According to my “skyfire” phone app, we were in for a pretty good sunrise that morning!  

The couple arrived at 5:00 with their adorable Bernedoodle puppy, Theo.  They were recently engaged, so this was an engagement session with their pup – so much fun!  The first images were taken at dawn, the period before sunrise when the beautiful colors illuminate the sky.  These images are “silhouettes”, where Theo and his mom and dad are dark while the camera is exposed to capture the colors.  

Sunrise silhouette
Summer Fun Blog2
Sunrise silhoutte

The light changes at a fast pace!  The image below was a favorite image of the couple and they will be having it framed in a two-tone barnwood – I can’t wait to see it!  

Engagement photos with dog
Summer Fun Blog7
Kissing a puppy

This was definitely a summer fun session and so worth waking up early for!   Congratulations to this beautiful couple!  

Thank you so much for stopping by!  Next up in our blog circle is Pet Love Photography, photographing Cincinnati area pets for Tails of Cincinnati, a charity book project.  If you are in the Cincinnati area or know of anyone in that area, check out Susannah’s book project!  If you are in Boston’s North Shore area, be sure to check out my book project, Tails of the North Shore, launching soon!  Have an amazing weekend!  

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  1. Awwww, they will treasure these pictures! I’m not a morning person either, but I can definitely see why you make exceptions. 😉

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