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Silhouette of 2 dogs

Sunrise Silhouettes at Salisbury Beach

Happy Friday!  It’s week 40 of our Pet Photographer Blog Circle and this week’s topic is “Orange” – perfectly fits my sunrise beach photo session this past week! 

I wish I was a morning person!  I love the peacefulness.  I love sitting and listening to the outdoors with a steaming cup of Peet’s coffee – and even more exciting is the Holiday Blend just came out!!!  AMAZING! I do love sleep, though.  One thing I will get out of bed for is a beautiful sunrise photo session.  I was ecstatic when I had a “taker” for an early beach session with two wonderful dogs!

This time of year, before the dreaded clock change, is bit easier for sunrise.  The way I schedule the session is I look on my Sunrise Times app at the “First Light” and schedule 10 minutes before then.  The “First Light” refers to dawn, just when the sky breaks and all of the beautiful oranges and amazing colors start to open up in the sky.  I schedule just a bit before then, so we can be ready to start shooting!  

On this morning, the first light was scheduled at 6:09 AM – much better than a 5:00 time!  We met just before 6:00 which was perfect!  The beach we chose was Salisbury Beach in Salisbury, MA.  As of September 15th, dogs are allowed – yay!  I was up at 4:30 AM to start the day.  I’m grateful the beach is just 30 minutes from me – i love being so close to the coast!  

Dawn Salisbury Beach, MA

My lovely models were terrier and shepherd mixes, Milo and Heidi.  Rumor was that these two LOVED the beach!  And mom did, too!  It was so much fun to see them run and jump and play. They are super bonded to each other – so sweet!  

The first images of the session due to the light are “Silhouettes”.  This is where I exposed for the beautiful sky, and the subject remains black.  Silhouettes are so much fun!  In the 2nd image I just love Milo’s little ears popping up as mom holds him! 

Sunrise Blog Post2 1 of 1
Sunrise Blog Post3 1 of 1
Sunrise Beach Photo Sessions
Silhouette of 2 dogs

Within minutes, the sky changes from yellows and oranges and we have pink and blue tones.  It’s amazing the transformation of light and colors at sunrise! 

Sunrise Blog Post6 1 of 1

Thank you so much for stopping by this week’s blog!  Next up is Terri J Photography, photographing precious moments of your pets in the Toronto and Southeast Florida areas.  Have a wonderful weekend!

If you are looking to book a sunrise beach session this fall, I still have a few openings!  Click HERE!  

6 thoughts on “Sunrise Silhouettes at Salisbury Beach”

  1. You were never early riser. The colors in the silhouettes are gorgeous & the photos are beautiful. It’s remarkable how the colors change as the sun rises.

  2. Awesome images!!! I soooo wish I had a beach near me, but that is never to be here in the midwest. lol I love the variety of sky colors you were able to get within a few minutes! Beautiful!

  3. Agree – absolutely beautiful! Tis the season to get out there with Kota, wait for a few flakes and colder weather, more her style! Nice work!

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