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Mill Pond West Newbury

Sweet Senior Takes Center Stage

Mill Pond ~ West Newbury

I adore the seniors!  So much heart and soul.  I was thrilled when Kira’s mom was in touch with me to do a photo session for this lovely gal who is 15 years young. 

We planned to meet an early morning at one of Kira’s favorite locations to hike, Mill Pond in West Newbury.  It was a dreary and drizzly morning, but Kira was ready to romp and she was on a mission!  So much energy and such joy for outdoor adventures!   Kira has several siblings, but this photo session was all about celebrating Kira – her time to take center stage!

Mill Pond in West Newbury

I learned that Kira was known in the town of West Newbury.  Over the years she walked miles with her mom and siblings through town and on nearby trails.  She even is a regular at one of my favorite pet boutiques, Just Dogs in Newburyport!  After meeting Kira and her mom, I knew right away that I recognized this lovely family.  I was a dog walker several years back, and I would see them in town, always wondering how many miles they were putting in!  It was obvious these pups loved their walks!  And Kira is know for carrying a stick with her 🙂 

Our biggest “challenge” of the session – keeping Kira from running into the pond for a swim!  Then again, she IS a Lab!  Labs tend to love the water!!!  Mom did a great job at keeping her dry.  (Here she is…. being “guided” away from the water.)

Mill Pond, West Newbury

Kira and her mom shared a beautiful bond.  This is mom’s favorite pictures – and mine, too! 

Dog and Mom bond

Kira on the move down the path…..

Kira Mill Pond Blog 5

Up close and personal with this beauty ……How about that gorgeous  “slightly” graying muzzle?! 

Mill Pond West Newbury

I love seeing what clients do with their final products/art of their pets.  Kira has a “wall” – I LOVE this idea!  I adore what her mom did with the pictures and memories and was so happy she shared this with me.  Seeing this makes me smile and validates how much I love what I do!  The portrait of Kira was framed with a rustic reclaimed wood, and the picture of Kira with mom, a traditional white matting and black frame.  How cute is that “aggressive snuggler” sign?! 


Hope you enjoyed learning  about sweet Kira!  If you are interested in a Memory Session to celebrate your pet, click here to learn more. 

This blog post is part of a 52 Week Pet Photographer Blog Project Circle.  Next up is Tracy Allard of Penny Whistle Photography fetching pet and family portraits in Coppell, Carrollton and the greater Dallas – Fort Worth metroplex.  Tracy’s work is amazing!  

Have a great weekend!  

9 thoughts on “Sweet Senior Takes Center Stage”

  1. Great shots of Kira. Love the B&W shot & move down the path. Kira’s mom did a beautiful job on setting up Kira’s wall. “Memories last forever.”

  2. So well written. You summed it up perfectly. We had the best time celebrating Kira and the pictures are more than I was hoping for!! Thanks again so very much!

  3. Me again!

    Wanted to add….really noce pics and piece on you and “Stick Girl” Cindy. You should be a very proud mom. (:

    BTW, wish here Cleveland we could have leaves that color in the fall.

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