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Tales of a Husky Mix

Tails of a Husky Mix

Welcome to week 7 of our 52 Week Pet Photography Blog Circle! I wasn’t sure if I’d get this one in – I’ve been tackling the dreaded 2018 taxes, and tax season makes my head spin! We did get a little bit of snow and since Kota, in my opinion, has one of the most amazing tails, I had to take part in this week’s blog topic of “Tales of Tails”.

Yes, I’m a bit “partial” to Kota’s tail. When you are a mix of Siberian Husky, Malamute, with a possible sprinkle of wolf, you’d have to have an amazing tail! Kota’s tail has a ton of personality, too! I remember years back when I was studying to become a dog trainer we did a lesson on observing the body language of tails. Kota holds her tail very high, on an everyday basis. She comes across as extremely confident – almost too confident for her own good, haha!

Here is an image of Kota just hanging out in her back yard – her tail is always flailing nice and high! She’s also on the prowl for squirrels and deer!

Husky mix during golden hour walking through fresh snow

Kota doesn’t love the company of other dogs, and that will show in the body language of her tail – her tail will become stiff, which is a sign of tension. I don’t have an image of that, since it’s not a moment I’d have a camera with me. A tail that’s “tucked” shows fear. Years ago Kota was squirted with a water gun by a young boy – her tail tucked and she’s been traumatized of boys ever since šŸ™ Kota does NOT forget things and move on.

Now back to happy “tails”! This girl LOVES to run, and even more so after it snows! We did get a little bit of snow, but it just isn’t lasting this winter. Here is an image with a happy flailing tail!

Kota Happy Tails Blog 1 of 1
Happy Tails

Here is a close up of that tail! I love the white at the end of it.

Fluffy tail of a Siberian Husky Mix

If she isn’t leaping through the snow, Kota can just be content lying in the backyard on snow all day long.

Snow dog with tail in the snow

Thank you for stopping by! I enjoyed sharing one of Kota’s best features this week.

Next up in our blog circle is Angela Schneider of Noses & Toes Pet Photography puts your pet in focus for your family portraits. Follow along and check out some wonderful Tales of Tails from pet photographers around the world! Have a great weekend!

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  1. Kota is stunning and I loved this study of her. It’s heartbreaking how dogs can be such good “single event learners” – if only people realized the importance of development phases and how to help a puppy successfully navigate them.

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