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Best running harness for your dog

The Best Gear for Running With Your Dog

Do you love to run? Do you have an active dog? Have you ever experienced running WITH your dog? (Also known as “canicross”.)

It’s easy! Running doesn’t require a lot of equipment for you, and it just requires a few good pieces of gear for your pooch, like a comfortable and safe harness and lead.

This post talks about the gear…. in a future post I’ll talk about the “cues” you can teach your dog to make it enjoyable! It’s not so much fun when your dog stops right in front of you on a trail and you tumble over them head first – been there!

Best running harness for your dog

For Humans

Yes, that’s you! There are a few pieces of gear to help you on your running journey that I highly recommend!

1. Running Shoes

A good pair of running shoes is a must! If you haven’t purchased running shoes in quite some time, I highly recommend getting fitted for a new pair. A good pair of running shoes these days will run you from about $120-$160.

Did I say get “fitted”? I sure did! It is important that YOU are wearing the proper shoe for your foot. Do you have high arches? Are you prone to heal pain? Do you over-pronate? I need a little exrtra support in a shoe but I also don’t like anything overly “cushy”. I won’t get into technical stuff… that’s for the running shoe store to figure out!

For years I ran in a Brooks running shoe – the Ravenna to be exact. A few years ago they got rid of it – how dare they! They have since came out with a shoe called the Brooks Launch GTS, which has been a great substitute. This past year, though, production fell behind and I was in need of a new shoe.

Welcome Mizuno! My local running shoe store, Marathon Sports, in Newburyport fit me in the Mizuno Wave Inspire. I love the name, too!

Mizuno Wave Inspire Running Shoes
Mizuno Wave Inspire

Do you plan to do more trail running with your dog, rather than street running? You might want to invest in a trail runner that is waterproof and has better traction.

I recently purchased a waterproof trail runner for my Iceland adventure (more about that later) and it was great for hiking in the pouring rain. My trail runner is a Saucony and they fit me over at New England Running Company in Beverly, MA. They are another great local running store!

Saucony waterproof trail running shoe
Saucony Peregrine Waterproof Trail

2. Sports Bra

Yup. I had to put this on the list! Sorry if you’re a guy and reading this! For all of the women….. A good sports bra is key! I spent this summer ordering sports bras from a variety of companies and did my share of searching for “Best sports bras for running.” I do plan to put together a blog post with in the near future with all my finds!

The winner: On Running Performance Bra

I will have to come back and add an image when it’s not in the laundry haha!!!

3. Running Waist Belt

This isn’t a necessity – but I’m all about “hands free” dog running! Right now I have a Cana Dog belt, but unfortunately they are no longer in business so I won’t talk about them. I do plan to get a belt from Non Stop Dogwear soon! Especially on that can also be used for skijorring.

For Dogs

Now for the best equipment for your pooch! I recommend a safe and comfortable harness for along with a good leash to attach to the back.

1. Running Harness

My “go to” running harness is from Non-Stop Dogwear. They know dogs and the know how to do it right. They are based out of Norway.

I have the Line Harness 5.0 in Purple. This dog harness is available in the colors black, orange, blue, green, teal and purple, in sizes 1-8 (sizes 0-9 in black), to fit both small and big dogs. Be sure to follow their sized guidelines to fit one for your dog. If you have questions at all, they have wonderful customver service so be sure to reach out!

The Line Harness has several atthament points. When you attach to the back, that intiates pulling or moving forward. I do attach to the back when running since my goal is to move at a fast pace.

This harness has a Y-shaped neck that allows free shoulder movement and minimal breathing constraint. There are no hard edges so chafing won’t be an issue for your dog.

Non-stop dogwear harness for running
Halo giving me “the back”

2. Leash

Gotta have the leash to attach to the harness to keep everyone safe! I love the bungee leash, also from Non-stop dogwear. An elastic (bungee) leash will absorb shock and is gentle on the backs of both you and your dog. It’s super high quality and it can also be used for hiking, biking and even skijoring with your dog.

Are you ready to get out there and do some running this fall with your dog? As always, if you have any concerns about the health of your dog before starting a fitness routine, please reach out to your veterinarian.

Good luck and Happy Running!!!

Around the Circle

This post is part of a pet photographer’s blog circle and this week we are tackling the topic of fitness. Next up Kim Hollis of BARKography shares 5 benefits of walking your dog. I was fortunate to get to meet Kim IN PERSON last week in Iceland and we enjoyed 4 days of shooting dogs in epic locations together. Stay tuned for some future blog posts about our Iceland adventures!

6 thoughts on “The Best Gear for Running With Your Dog”

  1. Great explanation on the type of items you & your dog will need for a trouble- free run or hike. The photos of Halo showing her running & hiking attire are stunning!!

  2. WOW! Great gear recommendations for running with your dog! Saucony was always my go-to favorite when I ran. Thanks for the links. Going to check it all out!

  3. I don’t go running with my dog but I sure go hiking with my dog and I swear by the EzyDog X-Link harness and Road Runner leash (it has a bungee section and traffic control handle). It worked some serious magic on a 95-pound LGD that likes to be in charge.

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