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MPSCA Adoptable Dog

The Eyes of Rescue

“When I look into the eyes of an animal, I do not see an animal. I see a living being. I see a friend. I feel a soul.” (Anthony Douglas Williams)

Welcome to week 4 of our Pet Photography Blog Circle. This week’s topic is “The Eyes Have It” so I thought i’d share the “Eyes of Rescue”.

I try to photograph the adoptable dog’s at our local MSPCA in Methuen once a week. My plan was to showcase the adoptable dogs this week. Guess what? We only have 2 dogs on the adoption floor which is a wonderful thing! I will start with those two!

One thing that I try to focus on when photographing dogs is the eyes. I feel the eyes tell the story. They are full of soul, especially in rescue. We will never know the heartache they’ve been through, but as a photographer I strive for that connection between dog and human. My goal is for someone to see an image of a dog on Petfinder and feel that connection.

Meet beauty, “Tennessee”. She’s just a year and a half old – Treewalking Coonhound/Husky mix – if you know my love for Husky mixes, yes, I’m in love with this girl! And just look at those soulful eyes that sparkle!

Adoptable Husky Coonhoud Mix at the MSPCA Nevin's Farm

Next available pooch is handsome Hercules. Don’t let his name fool you – he’s a big softy! He’s 7 years young, a little bit on the shy side, but he LOVES to play fetch!

Adoptable Pitbull MSPCA

Please come visit these two beauties if you are looking to add a family member!

Now for those beloved “seniors” that tug at my heartstrings every time I meet one. Here are a few of my favorites that did find their forever homes. It’s wonderful to see!

Senior dog adopted from the MSPCA

And next is super sweet Buster who was one of our longer term pups this fall/winter who recently went home – YAY!!!

Buster Senior Beagle MSPCA 1 of 1 1

Aren’t they all just perfect?! Please considering visiting your local shelter when looking to add a pet to your family. And of course, senior dogs need love, too!

Thank you so much for stopping by this week! This is a blog circle and next up is Linda Perdue with VP Shoots Photography serving Tampa, Florida and surrounding areas. Click on the link and follow along to see some amazing images from Pet Photographers around the world! Have a wonderful weekend!

23 thoughts on “The Eyes of Rescue”

  1. That is so wonderful the rescue has so few dogs. Great job on all your rescue work. It’s an amazing job to do for shelters.

  2. Sweet pups and heart-string pulling faces – well done! I photograph at 2 municipal shelters every week, I dream of the day I only have to photograph 2 dogs – they’re doing a great job!

  3. You have a true gift, Darlene! These are beautiful photos that really do capture their souls and their sweetness. Thank you for performing this valuable service.

    1. Thank you so much, Julie! I appreciate it! Love being able to help the adoptable animals find their forever homes πŸ™‚

  4. Such beautiful images. And so good to hear the numbers are down. Those senior dogs are gorgeous. So much experienceintheir eyes, and so much love still to give. It’s a wonderful thing you do.

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