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Healthy Dog Barkuterie Board

The Healthy Dog Barkuterie Board

Barkuterie boards? Is that a thing?  It sure is!  It’s the “new” charcuterie board made just for your pooch!  I decided to dabble and come up with a healthy version for my dog, Kota!  

Kota is on a special diet.  Yes, we cook for her!  She was sick two years ago and we found a holistic vet who recommended a special diet for her.  Kota has done amazing with her natural chicken and white potato diet and several healthy supplements – we got her off of all medication and she has responded well.  

Healthy Dog Barkuterie Board


Bell Pepper

Natural Chicken Slices



Natural Chicken

White Potato or Sweet Potato

Water or Chicken Broth

First, find a decorative board to use!  

I started with the bell pepper.  I carved Kota’s name with a pairing knife.  If you have letters, that woud be much easier!  Be creative!  Add some “woofs” or “barks” or “arrrwooowooos”.

Next, how about a cucumber rose?  Thinly slice the cucumber – if you don’t have a mandolin, you can use a peeler to get a nice thin slice.  Line the cucumbers up in a line, overlapping them. Then ROLL up and form into a rose.  

We use natural chicken slices as a nice healthy treat – roll a few up and place on the board.

Frosty Paws

You can use an ice cube or a silicone mold like this one with adorable paws and dog bones.

paws and dog bones

Cut the carrot and potato into small pieces and boil til slightly soft.  Boil the natural chicken breast until cooked.  Place chicken, carrots, and potato in a food processor with a little bit of water or broth.  Process. Looks yummy, doesn’t it?!

Frosty Paws Dog Treat

Fill your silicone molds or ice trays with the lovely mixture and freeze.  Freeze for 6 hours or overnight. 

Now it’s time to design your board! Let your creative juiced flow!  Here is what I came up with. 

Healthy barkuterie board for your dog

Kota couldn’t wait to try it!  This was her first time trying cucumber and bell pepper, and unfortunately they were not a “win”.  She gobbled up her frosty paws, though!

Happy Kota!

Barkuterie Board Healthy Dog Treats 0005

Be as creative as you’d like with your barkuterie!  Some other frosty paws you can whip up could be blueberries or strawberries with nonfat greek yogurt, or peanut butter and banana.  Looking for more treat ideas?  Be sure to sign up for the Pant the Town Photography newsletter!  Treat ideas are shared!

Click on the links at the end of each post  and follow along to see a variety of treat ideas for your pet! Next up Syracuse pet photographer Nancy Kieffer shares some healthy treats for your dog.  Have a great weekend!    

9 thoughts on “The Healthy Dog Barkuterie Board”

  1. Barkuterie boards- what a cute idea. Kota is so cute displaying her board. Too bad the cukes and bell peppers weren’t a hit.

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