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Dog Cover Model

The In-Between Moments With A Dog Cover Model

Have you heard about the Say Paws 2022 Calendar Contest that raised funds for the MSPCA at Nevins Farm?  I just delivered the final check!  After all of the contest, admin, and CC fees were deducted, the final amount raised to help the animals was $13, 225 – woohoo!!!  It’s incredible and I’m so grateful for all of the support!

The top 13 with the most votes earned a professional photo session with me AND a feature in the calendar.  This week I did my first calendar session and it was for our stunning cover winner, Valka!  

I met with Valka and her wonderful mom near the Clipper City Rail Trail and Harbor Walk in Newburyport.  I figured this gave us a nice variety for cover ideas between the boats on the water, the trail, the mural, and brick buildings nearby.  Poor Valka has some physical challenges and may need surgery shortly. I know it’s been difficult for mom to keep her calm – she’s an adolescent Lab just over 2 years old who has been so used to LOTS of exercise with her siblings.  She had a lot to say and wanted to run, but we did are best to keep her calm.  

We started the walk on the sidewalks and headed to the rail trail.  It was humid – the never ending New England summer!  Valka enjoyed her water breaks.

Dog Water Breaks
Water Breaks

Valka takes some breaks with mom.  As you can see, she has a LOT to say!!!  

Cover Model Moments 6
Singing Dogs

It was a busy evening at this location.  I thought with the kids going back to school the next day, it might be quieter.  Everyone was out enjoying the beautiful weather!  There was a little cut off path with the water and boats below – this was my favorite spot for Valka!  This is one of the “cover model contenders”. 

Dog Cover Model
Valka, stunning cover model

Modeling is hard work, that’s for sure!!!  Valka loves riding with mom in the Mustang!  

Singing dog in the drivers seat
Chocolate Lab in Mustang
Valka goes for rides, vintage style
Cover Model Moments 1
Dog Mom Love

Valka is a love!  We had such a fun adventure in Newburyport.  I have 10 dogs and 2 cats I will be photographing for the calendar this month.  I am looking to launch the calendar late October, so please stayed tuned if you would like to order one!  It will make the perfect holiday gift!

Thank you so much for stopping by this week!  Today’s post is part of a Pet Photographer’s blog circle.  Follow along and click the link at the end of each post.  Next up is the talented Angela Schneider of Big White Dog Photography in Spokane, WA, looking at the lighter side of dog photo sessions. Not only is Angela an amazing photographer, she writes beautifully. Enjoy! 

5 thoughts on “The In-Between Moments With A Dog Cover Model”

  1. It’s wonderful that you raised that much money for MSPCA at Nevins Farm Love all the shots especially the B&W and the “I AM The Cover Model.” I agree that the calendar would make a the perfect holiday gift.

  2. Congrats on raising great funds for pets in need! I think you have the perfect calendar cover right here. Love Mom’s shirt!! Great images!

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