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Two Legs Down, Four Legs To Go: Flight Attendant to Dog Walker

It was 1998.  I was 24 and in a “rut”.  I had only been teaching math and science for two years, but something was “missing”.  A friend called and said, “The airlines are hiring flight attendants.  You should apply!”  I thought to myself those several words every flight attendant thinks at one time or another:  “I LOVE people!  I LOVE to travel!”

It’s been 15 years.  My “love” for people since 1998 has been greatly altered by the 6’4″ 240 lb businessman who points to his 80 lb roller bag and commands, “You lift this.”  My enthusiasm for working in the airline business has been tainted by the man in seat 1F (yes, that is “First Class”)  throwing a tantrum after receiving a pasta dinner on a 1 hr. and 36 min. flight from Chicago to DC.  “What do you mean you are out of chicken!  I wanted the chicken!”  he spouts off to me.  And then of course there is the young twenty-something in seat 22C who projectile vomits covering territory up to three rows forward and several seats horizontal.  This is not because she is airsick but because she is extremely hungover from a wild night out on the town… yet she still boards the plane!

Today is a beautiful autumn New England day.  I am out  for a run on the bridle path with my dog, Kota.  I get to the end of the path and reach into my coat pocket.  As she sits patiently waiting for her liver treat, I realize I’ve run out.  I reach into my other pocket and find a lone pumpkin treat.  They aren’t her favorite, but she smiles and eagerly takes the treat and we proceed home.  Kota doesn’t throw a First Class tantrum because I can’t reward her with her favorite treat.  She’s grateful to be out on a run enjoying this amazing day!  She will gladly accept any treat I offer.  In that moment, I pause, silently admiring Kota’s grace.

Kota Bridle Path

Can you imagine what thoughts are running through my head this morning?  Dog:  Man’s best friend; unconditional love; no outlandish expectations or tantrums.  I realize my passion for Kota and her furry kind, combined with my desire to keep my feet on the ground hold the key to my future.  Join us on our journey as we Pant the Town …. tantrum free!

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