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Loving a foster dog

Why I Love Dogs – A Foster Story

I love dogs. They make our world complete. They bring us joy. They love us unconditionally. They comfort us. They give us purpose. They teach us lessons. When we let them go, they forever change us.

If you have followed me for a bit, you know that in August I said “goodbye” to my best friend of 11 plus years, Kota. Here is the blog post that talks about our last days together: Rainbow Bridge

I’m not ready for another dog. I miss Kota and I cry every day. I wish I could say it gets easier…. but it’s not any easier just yet. The house is so quiet without her.

Last week I decided to go to the MSPCA Nevins Farm to do some adoptable dog photos. Helping animals find homes might help me heal. On a good note, there weren’t too many dogs there that day. The less dogs looking for forever homes, the better.

I met Luna. A volunteer brought her out for photos. She was a sweetheart! And a beauty, too! Luna is 8 years old and an owner surrender. It breaks my heart that at 8 she was at the shelter, but I don’t know the story and people have their reasons. I’m just glad she was in a safe place.

Luna wasn’t doing so great in shelter world. She also had some health issues. I picked her up the next day to foster. She could come home and hang with my husband, Pete, and I for a bit to “decompress”. My husband wasn’t ready. I selfishly didn’t give him a choice. I felt the need to help this poor girl. I think he kinda opened his heart to the idea of her staying with us for a short time. Honestly… she’s hard to resist.

Dog looking for forever home
Peaceful in kennel despite the shelter noise

She hopped right up into my Ford Escape and enjoyed the ride to my house! Luna settled in nicely. What a joy! She curled up on Kota’s beds that were still all over the house. I was ok with that – and I’m pretty sure Kota would be ok with us helping a dog. Luna went right into a crate to relax. She wasn’t pacing or panting. She wasn’t stressed like she was at the shelter. Luna was quiet and she enjoyed company.

I got into a little routine with Luna. She was crated at night since she was on prednisone, but did amazing in the crate. I would take her out in the morning first thing to go potty. She would have breakfast and then we walked. She loved people and enjoyed saying ‘hi’ and meeting my neighbors.

Our afternoon walks we did a hike on the trails behind my house. Luna LOVED the trails! She enjoyed sniffing and was great walking on her harness. She was very different then Kota, as Kota always wanted to stay outside all day, and Luna would pull to the door when we got back. She’d love to go right back inside and curl up for a nap.

I brought Luna back to the shelter on Tuesday for the vets to look at her. Luna is very sick. During the 5 days at our house, she vomited every morning, 12-14 hours after her last meal. Piles of vomit. Everywhere. She couldn’t keep anything down. I didn’t know she was this sick when I agreed to foster her. They didn’t tell me… or they didn’t even know.

As I write this, Luna is at the shelter for “assessment”. As I cry more tears, for Kota, and for this little nugget, Luna, I realize how easy it is for us to find it in our hearts to love dogs. Someday I know I will have another dog. They all bring us something.

I don’t know what is ahead for poor Luna. If she doesn’t make it, this is what I know and I have to keep telling myself:

Luna was 8 years old when her world was changed and she was dropped off at the shelter, scared and not knowing what was ahead for her. My husband and I gave her the absolute best 5 days … maybe the best 5 days of her life! She was loved. We fed her and gave her a comfortable place to just “be”. She experienced trail walks and comfy places to nap.

Dogs trust us.

Dogs love us unconditionally.

Dogs forgive.

Dogs know when we are there to help them.

THIS is why I love dogs.

Thinking of you, Luna, and hoping that you pull through. I’m happy to take you in until you find that forever “home”. You deserve it! xo

foster dog life
Luna napping on the bed

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  1. Love the shots of Luna!! I hope that they find out what’s wrong with her. She looks like a sweet dog. Glad you were able to give her five days of happiness!

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