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Sample of Matted Print Collection from a NH beach photo session

Why Purchase Professional Prints From Your Photographer

Welcome to this week’s blog circle!  This week’s topic is “Photographer’s Choice”, so I thought it was a perfect time to discuss the importance of having your prints professionally printed by your pet photographer.  With a huge amount of consumer-facing print labs popping up everywhere, you may be tempted to try printing session photos on your own. After several years of experience in the photographic print industry, however, I feel very strongly that purchasing prints and photo products directly through me  is going to result in higher overall satisfaction. 

Here’s why:

1. Color Quality

The photo labs I use only sell to professional photographers; they are not open to the general public. Their standards for color correction and color control are many steps above what you would find at a drugstore, Costco,  Walmart, or Shutterfly. When I submit photos to print at my lab, I know that print is going to look very close to what I see on my computer screen in terms of color. Prints will be luminous and vibrant. Colors will be true to what you see on your screen.

Here is an example of a professionally printed signature photo album that I did for one of my clients.  The pages are thick, the cover is a beautiful linen with the names of the pups inscribed.

Custom Photo Album

In 2010 my husband and I were married in Belize.  We had an amazing photographer, but because we were overseas, she did not offer any “printed” products.  Oh how I would have loved a beautiful album from our beach wedding!  We were sent the digital files on a CD.  Now what was I supposed to do? Even before I was a professional photographer, I valued the importance of printed, tangible pictures.  At that time I loved to scrapbook.  Where do you think I printed my images to scrabook?  Yup, I hate to admit it, but Shutterfly.  I wanted to share an example from my photo album and the color quality of the images.  I am cringing as I post these pictures.  Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE having the memories.  But the quality and colors  do not reflect the beauty from our wedding day.  Skin tones are red/orange.  The sand and water look drab and washed out.  And what do you think happened with the disk of files so I could show you what they really look like?  No where to be had at the moment haha!  When I do find the disk, I promise I will come back to this post and add the comparison!  

Shutterfly Quality Example
2. Packaging 

I put as much care into the packaging and presentation of my products as the prints themselves! Unlike “cheap” (did i say cheap???) prints at big-box retail stores,  photographs come beautifully presented and ready to give as gifts right out of the box. My prints are also presented in acid-free materials so they may stay well preserved in their packaging.

Sample of Matted Print Collection from a NH beach photo session
3. Cropping and Editing

The cropping and editing of images for different sizes of prints may seem like a trivial matter, but it can make all the difference in how your final product turns out. Cropping an image perfectly for various print sizes takes a trained artistic eye and great care to preserve the essence of the image, even if parts of it are being cut out. Without an experienced eye to crop images properly, your photographs may come out in uncomfortable or awkward compositions.`Leave this to the pros, please!!!  

The following is an image of Kota, that is cropped as an 11×14 portrait.  This “portrait” showcase works perfectly for this image.  

Custom framed portrait of a husky mix in snow
4. Guaranteed

I absolutely, 100% stand by my products. If you’re not satisfied, I am not, either – and I will do everything in my power to ensure that your print products are delivered perfectly. I want you to proudly display the prints from your photo session in hopes that you smile every day  you see them!  

Pant the Town Pet Photography

Please have your photographs professionally printed by your photographer.  We take great pride in our work!  I’ve never had a client come back to me and say, ” I wish I never had my images printed”.  They are thrilled with the results and grateful every time!  For more info and the schedule a photo session this summer please click here.

Next up in our blog circle is Terri J Photography, photographing your pets in the Toronto area. Click on the link and follow along our pet photography blog circle to see a variety of fun topics and beautiful imagery!  Enjoy your weekend!  

12 thoughts on “Why Purchase Professional Prints From Your Photographer”

  1. Kelly Middlebrooks

    Amen! My wedding pictures have a similar life to yours, but there was no disk. The thought of people printing at these places makes me shutter. Especially, the fly store. 😉

      1. Kelly Middlebrooks

        LOL 😀
        Printing photos is my number one soap box. I should probably find a box that’s not so high since I’m on it so often. lol

  2. Well said! I cringe at what some clients think is a good print. I think we need to educate all clients on this issue!

  3. This is such a great post. I hope it’s OK for me to share it on my own Facebook feed. It gives me a thought to have an 8×10 done at Walmart and Walgreens and then have one done at my lab, then show the difference to clients who just want to “print it out myself.”

    1. Thanks, Angela! Yes, please share! I was looking around the house for a picture I could compare – I need to now get my wedding photos done “professionally”, and I do think it’s a great idea to share with people the difference!

  4. I agree with you 100%. I only have my prints done at a Professional Lab. I know they will be done correctly and to my specifications. This is something you will cherish for life. Great Blog. Remember the old saying ” You get what you pay for.”

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