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Dogs in Snow

Winter Wonderland Dog Photo Sessions 2020

Happy New Year!  Woohoo!  Welcome 2020 – it’s going to be an AMAZING YEAR!!!

2019 was a fun year blogging and thank you to all who followed our Blog Circle throughout the year.  I didn’t participate every week, but I enjoyed each week that I did.  The New Year blog circle is starting off 2020 with the topic of “Blank Slate”.  I thought I’d start things off by introducing Pant the Town Photography’s “Winter Wonderland” dog photo sessions for January and February!  


Dogs in Snow

What are they?  You guessed it!  Sessions of your dog enjoying SNOW!!!

How do I participate?  Message me here!  We will schedule a call, choose a location, and you will receive a short questionnaire to fill out about your pup(s). Then we wish very hard for SNOW!  Sessions scheduled in MA and NH – if we need to travel further north for a little excursion, we will!  

My favorite thing about living in New England is everything each season has to offer.  Winter and Autumn are my favorites, but there are things I love about each!  In winter I love snowshoeing with my dog, Kota.  Wouldn’t you love some pictures of you and your pups snowshoeing the morning after a snowfall?  Do you have a husky?  Skijoring is a fun winter activity and I would love to capture you and your dog enjoying the outdoors together, even if it’s just a little hike on the trails or romp in your backyard!  

Winter Wonderland Dog Photo Sessions
Winter Wonderland Snow Photo Sessions

Guess what?  If you book one of our “Winter Wonderland” sessions you will receive a gift for braving the cold and snow with your pooch – a stunning 4×4 acrylic ice block.  These blocks display snow images beautifully and are perfect for your desk or nightstand. ($150 value)

Acrylic Block

I’m so excited to share this!  Winter IS the most magical season!!!  Hope to hear from  you!

Thanks for stopping by our fist blog post of 2020!  This is a blog circle, so click on the link to follow along and see what some amazing photographer’s around the world have to share for “blank slate” this week!  Next up is Lisa Califf with Pixel it Pet Photography serving the Muskegon, MI area.  Have a wonderful weekend!!! 

12 thoughts on “Winter Wonderland Dog Photo Sessions 2020”

  1. Winter snow sessions produce some of my favorite images! I always love how the snow shows the wonderful colors of the clients’ coats and scarfs, but just as much, I love the colors produced by Kota’s coloring with the snow. Kota always makes the snow scene warm and comforting. 🙂

  2. Glad you are doing Winter Wonderland Dog Photo Sessions. The colors of the dogs & owners really show off in the snow. Kota looks great especially in the first shot.

  3. Love that first shot of Kota. And the ice block. It’s a long way to the snow where I live, but it might be worth taking Pippa one weekend 🤔. Enjoy your winter wonderland sessions.

  4. I wouldn’t mind snow for a few snow sessions, but otherwise you can keep it. 😉 I still always enjoy looking at images of Kota enjoying the snow.

  5. I love seeing Kota in the snow, it just feels like where she belongs and she always looks so “at home”. I wish I were in NH (sort of LOL, I’m with Susannah – that’s a LOT of snow!) because I’d definitely sign up for a Winter Wonderland session with my pups!

  6. Late to the party, sorry. Makes my comments easy as I agree with the above notes! What a great year, amazing images! Bring on the snow… please!

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