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Yellow Makes Me Smile

What color makes YOU smile?  My “happy” color is yellow!  This week the topic for our pet photographer’s blog circle is “Favorite Color”, and I choose yellow since it’s the first pop of color I’ve seen this month!  I was so excited to see this yellow forsythia tree in the backyard bloom right after the blog topic was posted.  I love photographing Kota in front of it.  Kota looks lovely in yellow!

Kota Blog Yellow4
Siberian Husky Mix

I hope this yellow brightens your day!  Short and sweet post today, hoping to make you smile during these challenging times.  With both my husband and I home all day, every day, I’m getting the feeling that Kota needs a break from us!  She’s such an independent dog and she can’t wait to get her space back haha!

Next up in our blog circle is Terri J Photography, photographing your family and pets in the Toronto area.  Click on the link to Terri’s beautiful colorful images this week!  Stay safe!  


9 thoughts on “Yellow Makes Me Smile”

  1. Loving the happy yellow there Darlene. It is a very similar yellow to our wattle here in Australia. Kota does look gorgeous in yellow.

  2. Forsythia are one of my most favorite signs of Spring. I just found some growing wild while on a hike, and brought it home to my garden. Kota looks fantastic in front of the bright yellow bush!

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