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end-of-life pet photography in MA

Where Love Shines: Choosing End-of-Life Pet Photography Locations

You made the decision. It’s time to get that photography session scheduled to celebrate you and your pet. Your dog is older or maybe they were just diagnosed with a terminal illness. It could be months, weeks, or even days that they have left to enjoy their “best life”. It doesn’t matter. It’s time and you made it to this step of wanting the portraits made to enjoy for a lifetime.

As a professional pet photographer it is my job to help you choose the perfect location for your portrait session. If you are looking for a pet photographer who specializes in these types of sessions, please go to: One Last Network.

Beach sign for end of life photo session
Driftwood sign for end-of-life session

Creating a meaningful and compassionate end-of-life pet portrait session requires careful consideration of the location. The right setting can help capture the essence of the bond between you and your dog while providing a comforting and serene environment during a difficult time. Here are some thoughts on how together we choose the perfect location when you book a Memory Session with me:

1. Home Sweet Home

Is your pet most comfortable right in their own backyard? Maybe your dog has always been a “homebody” and enjoys his fenced in property. Or you have an outdoor cat that basks in the sun on your patio. There is no need to take your pets outside of their comfort zone. With these familiar surroundings, we can capture the genuine moments and memories that have been created over the years with your pet.

End of Life dog photo session at home
In Memory of Kayla

2. Favorite Spots

Does your dog have a favorite beach that they love to dip their paws into the ocean? Or how about a favorite park to catch a frisbee? Do you wake up early every morning and enjoy a hike together on a specific trail? Let’s go there!

These “favorite spots” with special memories make a great story book to memorialize your pet.

End of life dog portrait session NH beach
In Memory of Clover – Salisbury Beach

3. Natural Beauty

Are you looking for a natural setting with a calming atmosphere and are open to ideas? Nature provides a serene backdrop for end-of-life pet photography. I have a list of beaches, forests, vineyards and gardens throughout New England that are peaceful and perfect.

NH Vineyard End-of-Life dog photo session
In Memory of Sydney Roo – Zorvino Vineyards

4. Golden Hour

I shoot only during golden hour – it’s magical! Golden Hour is the soft, warm light that shines either an hour after sunrise or an hour before sunset. We will automatically schedule the session so that we will be photographing during this hour.

Are you an early riser and enjoy the peacefulness after a sunrise? Or maybe your pooch has a bit more energy in the evenings. We discuss the pros and cons of the locations during these different timeframes.

Yellow Lab End-of-Life portrait session
In Memory of River

5. Pet’s Health Consideration

Keep in mind your pet’s comfort and well-being. If your pet is too ill or in pain to travel, it may be best to conduct the session at your home. We want the environment easy for your pet to maneuver around. We want to keep the experience stress-free for all.

I promise you that we will get beautiful photos as we will work with magical light!

End-of-life cat photography session in MA
In Memory of Boo

6. Weather and Seasons:

This IS New England and the weather can change several times within the hour. If it’s winter, we may experience the challenges of a snow and ice or even a blizzard.

I love the variety of the seasons here in New England and there is beauty each and every month of the year!

Winter is my favorite season, but if you have a little dog that shivers in the bitter cold, that is something to think about. Please plan accordingly and try to schedule prior to December if possible. Yes, I can do portraits indoors with natural window light, but I much prefer the outdoor backdrops and lighting.

End-of-life pet photography snow
In Memory of Maverick

7. Avoiding Distractions

It’s important to avoid distractions whenever possible, especially with end-of-life sessions. Peaceful locations will allow for more intimate and heartfelt moments with you and your pet. I can focus on your bond and you and your pet can focus on each other.

Sometimes waking up before the crack of dawn is all worth it!

End-of-life dog photo session on Plum Island
In Memory of Sundance – Plum Island

Where do you choose?

What do you think? Backyard? The beach? A hiking trail? There are so many options! Please don’t stress about the location. I am here to help you choose. My priority is to keep your dog safe and comfortable throughout the experience. We got this!

As our pets near end-of-life, so many things become overwhelming. Please consider listening to one of One Last Nework’s podcasts episodes that resonates with what you are going through in your journey.

Around the Circle

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  1. Great explanation of the various locations that can be used for end of life session. The photos that accompanied each location gave a beautiful visual effect!!

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