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Golden Doodle giving paw in snow

Pawsitively Protected: Keep Those Toe Beans Toasty This Winter with Musher’s Secret

Winter is here and it’s in full force – from sleet, snow and wintry mixes all over the US. Do you have a pooch that loves the outdoors, ever more so during the cold winter months? Yes, you can pawsitively keep your dog’s little “toe beans” safe and protected on winter adventures with Musher’s Secret paw balm.

Before I was a pet photographer I had a dog walking and training business for 7 years, and Musher’s Secret became my “go to” product for the dogs during the harsh winter days here in MA.

Musher's secret paw balm
Musher’s Secret

What is Musher’s Secret?

Musher’s Secret is a natural wax that you rub on your dog’s paws that adds a protective and breathable barrier from the elements and also keeps them moisturized. If you know me, you know I’m all about “natural” products for our dogs.

Are your roads coated with salt and sand after a snowfall? Maybe you notice your pooch lifting her paws while out walking. Musher’s Secret protects the paws from the ice melt and residues that can be so harsh. Pamper those paws!

Husky Running toe beans
Halo is a big fan of Musher’s Secret

How do I use Musher’s Secret?

It’s super easy! Simply dip into the jar of wax and rub into and around those toe beans. You can dip the paw or use your hands to apply. The more often that you consistently use it, the softer your paws will become. Soft paw pads for the win!

Paw print of a doodle dog
Paw print in snow of a doodle dog

My dog is a “licker” – is it really safe?

I can 100% relate! My Husky, Halo, is huge licker! She does a great job helping us clean the kitchen floor and she’s known to love a little bit of spice (I don’t recommend giving your dog spicy foods!!!) She licks her paws quite a bit. (If you are concerned about a lot of licking, be sure to chat with your vet as it could be allergies, boredom, or other things)

Musher’s Secret is made of 100% natural food-grade waxes and oils, as you can check out on their site and right on the container.

Musher's Secret Container
All natural paw balm

What about “snowballing”?

Yup! If you have curly doodle or breed/mix that “snowballs”, this is for you, too! Rub it into those paws really good and you will see the benefits for sure!

Golden Doodle giving paw in snow
Kona giving mom paw

How about the summer months and heat?

Yes! Musher’s Secret helps with the hot pavement during those heat waves. If you live in warmer temps, it’s just as great a product for your dog’s paws.

Will it stain my carpets?

Nope! Musher’s Secret absorbs right into the paws. My husky has the run of the house – I confess! She is allowed on the bed and the couch (don’t tell!).

If you do find you are having an issue with this, you might just be slathering a little bit too much on your pup’s paws – simmer down!

Derpy Siberian Husky enjoying the snow
Derpy Halo enjoying the snow

Anything else I should know?

I just want to share a bit about Halo’s left set of toe beans and how Musher’s Secret has helped:

When we rescued Halo just over a year ago, her left leg had been fractured and it was never set and healed a bit “deformed”. We had more than one vet look at her x-rays, as we were concerned about how much she could do or if she was in any pain. Could she run? Hike? Skijor?

The leg is fine, as you can see! She LOVES to run!

But that paw….

During the fall we did a lot of hiking with her and noticed the wear on that left paw. When Halo walks, the pressure is put on the side of her paw, really rubbing those little toe beans raw. The pads on that paw look very different from the other 3. I remember the vet saying that it’s, “Halo’s norm”.

I’ve since been using the Musher’s Secret and is has helped tremendously! Halo is a trooper and nothing seems to slow her down.

Siberian Husky fractured leg
That left leg

Other tips for protecting your dog’s paws in winter

  1. Keep walks on the shorter side, especially on very cold days. It was -5 degrees F just a few days ago. Even though Halo LOVES the cold being a husky, we still kept our walks shorter (for my sake!)

2. Wipe your dog’s paws off after walks to remove any salt or ice. Keep a towel by the door. A bowl of warm water with epsom salts is good to dip the paws into, too.

3. Consider using booties for added protection. I haven’t attempted the booties with Halo just yet, but I do plan on ordering a pair for her from Non-stop Dogwear. I’ll keep you posted!

Winter Portrait Sessions

Grab your Musher’s Secret and schedule a portrait session with your dog and let’s have some fun in the snow! I have a few spots left this winter and it’s the perfect time of year for the snow loving pooches!

6 thoughts on “Pawsitively Protected: Keep Those Toe Beans Toasty This Winter with Musher’s Secret”

  1. I don’t live in an area where we get much snow, so no salt, but I’d definitely give this Musher’s Secret a try if I was back in Chicago. Those paws take a lot of abuse from the elements so this would be a great way to keep them soft and safe! Nobody likes a sore, crusty toe bean all up on their couch or bed…or worse!

  2. I will have to try Musher’s paws with Lili. Our neighborhood likes to liberally apply salt when the weather looks like there may be snow and I want to keep her paws safe. I wash her toe beans whenever we come in from being in the snow, but this looks like a good way to keep her paws in good shape.

  3. I’ve heard about Musher’s Secret before, though never quite as in depth as this post! This stuff sounds rather marvelous for toe beans in the winter (and year round too!)

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